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Joseline Hernandez on Wendy Williams: "She’s Always Going For Annihilation"

Joseline Hernandez, The Wendy Williams Show

Joseline Hernandez is speaking out. The Joseline's Cabaret host recently was a guest on The Wendy Williams Show. During her segment, the Love and Hip-Hop alum is known, insisted that Wendy Williams "respect" her.

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Hernandez, AKA the "Puerto Rican Princess," told ET Online of Williams:

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She was very rude and as the host, no matter who you are, you still should be respectful to the people that sit in front of you and speak to you and give you their story or their time and their conversation.

Hernandez added:

When she threw the flowers at me, when she was being real disrespectful and not acknowledging the fact that when Latinas and Black women sit on her couch, she's always going for annihilation. She don't give me my props for nothing that I do. I'm 35 years her junior and she don't give me no props.

The singer-rapper also suggested Williams might need to switch up a few things, saying:

When you've been in the industry for so many years, you have to reinvent yourself. Because there comes a time when people get sick of looking at you and hearing you, so it's time to reinvent yourself. And I think it's just one of those times that she needs to reinvent herself.