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Meghan Trainor? Miley Cyrus? Daytime Talk Buzz Heats Up

Meghan Trainor, Miley Cyrus

With The Ellen DeGeneres Show set to wrap after Season 19, the race is on to find a future daytime standout. The Hollywood Reporter did a deep dive into the search for America's next top talk show host.

Comedian Tiffany Haddish is a rumored contender, having filled in for Ellen DeGeneres in the past. But would she be willing to give up some of her acting and stand-up work for a talk show? 

An executive told The Hollywood Reporter:

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If the show works, she could make Ellen money, but you can’t give her Ellen money up front. Nobody would do that in this marketplace.

NBC might move The Kelly Clarkson Show into the Ellen slot, but the ratings-challenged chatfest might be a tough sell. The network is also already signed deals with singers Meghan Trainor and Miley Cyrus; either one could make the move to daytime. 

But their target demographics wouldn't necessarily be a fit, and Cyrus might be thought too "edgy" or "young." A syndication executive explained:

Remember, there’s no one young watching.