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Perkie's Observations: Anna Tries to Solve a Puzzle at Sean Donely's Funeral on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for May 21, 2021
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Anna Devane, Robin Scorpio, General Hospital

Kimberly McCullough, Finola Hughes

On today's General Hospital recap: Some Port Charles residents head to Ireland for Sean Donely's memorial service. Sean's daughter Annie is happy to see so many of them flew across the sea. Anna tries to speak with Felicia who isn't interested in anything Anna has to say. Mac convinces her to hear her out.

Felicia tears a strip off of Anna for allowing Peter into their lives without protecting Maxie. Anna says she wanted to see the best in Peter and regrets her actions. Anna promises she's trying to put Peter away. Felicia feels Sean wouldn't want them at odds and forgives Anna.

Robin and Robert, and Monica and Laura reminisce about Sean's life. Annie talks about her father in his last years.

Annie mentions to Robert that she tried out for the WSB but didn't get picked, even though she took the oath. She says the bureau is coming to get Sean's files. Robert wonders if he can take a look at them for a case they're working on. Annie says she can't give him access.

Someone grabs Laura. Annie and Robert head to her room, find it ransacked. They also find a Mexican flag and a toy gun. Annie wonders if one of Sean's enemies is targeting his friends. Monica goes missing and they find a trinket from Mount Rushmore.

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Mac is the next one to disappear. Anna and Robin check the security footage, but the computer gets wiped out.

Robert is briefly knocked out and Felicia is taken away. Annie finds Robert's phone and tells Anna he never made the call to the police. Annie finds a magnet in Anna's purse, which wiped out the computer.

Annie thinks they're in on what's happening. Anna wants access to Sean's file, but Annie refuses. She says she's loyal to the WSB. Robert and Anna tell her she passed the final test and is an official WSB agent, just as the others return.

In Port Charles, Peter wants some time with Maxie before she heads to the spa. Peter questions why Chloe isn't with her. Just then Bobbie arrives and says she'll be taking care of Maxie.

When Peter leaves, Maxie tells Bobbie that she needs her to deliver the baby tonight. Maxie explains her plan to deliver the baby and hide her from Peter. Bobbie agrees to help.

The group raises a glass to Sean . . . in loving memory of John Reilly. 

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