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Perkie's Observations: Carly's Plans Are a Bust on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for May 24, 2021
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Laura Wright

Laura Wright

On today's General Hospital recap: Carly brings Diane in on the meeting with Gladys. Diane wants to go over what Gladys will say when she recants her story. Gladys wants a deal to protect herself. Carly reiterates to Gladys that she needs to implicate Cyrus in order to keep Brando safe.

Diane and Carly insist that Gladys tell the police she saw Peter dispose of the gun and not Jason. Carly says the only way to help Brando is to get Cyrus back in prison. She says Gladys needs to do this so that Cyrus is no longer a threat.
Cyrus tells Brando he's looking for a new chief of staff since Britt ran off with Jason.

Brando spots Sasha and checks in on her. Sasha reminds him they can't be seen together to keep Cyrus off their scent, but Peter spots them. Sasha tells Brando that she's transferring her records to Mercy so that Cyrus has no access.

Brando tells her that he wants to be a part of her and the baby's lives. Sasha wants it, but doesn't know how they can make it work. The two get super flirty with each other and I'm here for it. (Who knew!!)

Cyrus summons Peter. He wants Peter to get the Invader onto a story about Carly, the new mob boss, working with Mayor Laura. Cyrus gets a call that Diane is working to get an immunity deal for Gladys. Peter gets upset, but Cyrus says he'll have Brando talk to his mother. Peter says Brando was with Sasha, which annoys Cyrus. Peter's concern is Gladys, and Cyrus agrees something needs to be done about her.

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Maxie thanks Spinelli for taking James while she's away on her babymoon. Spinelli goes on about being a new mother to baby Louise, which upsets Maxie. Maxie claims her tears are because of Sean's death, but Spinelli sees through her sadness. He thinks she's worried about losing the baby with Britt being away. Maxie worries that she won't be able to protect the baby once she's born and Spinelli pushes to know what's really going on.

Britt waits for her test results and tells Jason they'll change her life either way. The two make small talk and Jason tries to get her to focus on other things. The two head back to get the results from the doctor, who tells her that she has the marker for Huntington's Disease.

Nina and Sonny make a plan to tell Phyllis that Elijah betrayed her trust. Sonny wants Elijah behind bars ASAP. Elijah calls to have Nina meet him at his place for a barbecue. Sonny doesn't like it, but Nina says he can search Elijah's house while she keeps Elijah busy. Sonny feels it's too dangerous and isn't happy.

Nina ducks out without him seeing her. Sonny gets worried when he finds she's gone. The state trooper shows up to say that Elijah accused Sonny and Nina for his office break in.

Peter finds his way to Gladys' room and brings her to Cyrus. Brando arrives to find his mother bound and gagged. Carly gets back to the room to find it ransacked 

"Six hours later", Peter is tossed down a flight of stairs. (Do NOT tease me, show!)

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