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Drew Barrymore Dishes Daytime Emmy Nod: "I Can't Believe It"

Drew Barrymor 2

Drew Barrymore is thrilled with her 2021 Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host. The former child star opened up to Entertainment Tonight about why this honor is particularly special to her. 

She explained:

I got my first apartment when I was 14, and I was terrified. I was really scared all the time, it's scary to move out on your own at 14. My little television that I kept on broadcast, because that's kind of all there was... the thing that made me feel the safest in my apartment was my television.

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As a result of her childhood love of TV, the nomination makes Barrymore feel like she has come full circle. She added:

My television is what helped me grow up and become a whole person, so this moment is insane because it just feels really [like I'm] honoring something that was very giving to me at a time I needed it most. Throughout my whole life I just loved television. I've been doing it, I’ve been watching it, so this is so cool. I can't believe it. It really poetically resonates with me that TV is such a calling card for security and safety.

The Drew Barrymore Show is also up for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show. This news brought even more joy, Barrymore explained:

When I found out the show was nominated was when the real joy kicked in. Because we were all tasked to make a show from home, in unprecedented ways. We fought to have a studio but then people were producing remotely. It was a very bizarre dichotomy that was so new, uncomfortable, and unfamiliar to everyone. The world was in a place where permission had to be asked from oneself at every second, what was appropriate. And so, I'm just so happy for the show. I'm so excited too though- -- I am! I admit it, I'm really excited.