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Perkie's Observations: Jason Comforts Britt With a Kiss on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for May 25, 2021
Steve Burton, Kelly Thiebaud

Steve Burton, Kelly Thiebaud

On today's General Hospital recap: "Six hours earlier . . . "

Cyrus taunts Gladys about how she was about to betray him. He tells Brando how Gladys is working with Carly. Cyrus believes it has to do with Brando being Sasha's baby daddy.

Brando says he's not the father, but Cyrus doesn't believe him. Cyrus accuses him of defying him by sleeping with Sasha. (Okay Cyrus' obsession with Sasha and her bed partner is getting super weird and creepy!) Brando wants to know what Cyrus wants in exchange for Gladys' release.

Cyrus claims Gladys is a liability and Brando needs to kill her. Cyrus says Gladys will die whether or not Brando makes the move. He also threatens he'll kill Sasha and the baby. Cyrus gives Brando his gun, but he turns in back onto Cyrus.

Willow tells Sasha that Chase staying at the mansion. Sasha tells Willow about her pregnancy. She lets Willow know that Michael isn't the father.

State trooper Finchley stops by to chat with Sonny. Sonny explains to him about Elijah's actions. Lenny asks if Sonny has an alibi for the night of the break in, but has to leave before getting an answer. Lenny isn't sure if he should believe Sonny, but is worried about Nina being with Elijah.

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Elijah questions Nina about her relationship with Sonny. He accuses them of breaking into his office. Elijah says the state trooper is investigating it. Nina asks if he has proof, but Elijah says he'll find something if he digs deep enough.

Nina gets nervous and drops her purse. Elijah sees the financial papers that came from his office. (Because why wouldn't she carry them with her while on a date with him? Stupid!! Why am I watching this storyline?) Nina tries to leave, but Elijah stops her. (Don't worry Nina, old man Sonny is about to show up and open a can of whoopass on the much younger, much fitter, much stronger looking Elijah [insert eye roll here]!!)

Carly's upset that Gladys was taken and summons Spinelli for help. Carly asks him to check the burner phone he gave Gladys. Spinelli locates Gladys and Carly rallies her troops.

Peter makes plans with Chloe to grab Maxie, help deliver the baby, and leave with them both. Peter has a helicopter ready for them.

Maxie makes plans to ditch Chloe at the spa, and have Bobbie and Brook Lynn help deliver the baby. Chloe shows up and injects Maxie with something that knocks her out.

Britt is upset over her diagnosis and rants about what her life will be like. Jason says she has no symptoms now and it could be years before the disease takes over. Britt gives Jason the worst case scenario, but Jason tells her to make the most of the time she has. The two kiss. (And not a Covid kiss either!)

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