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Perkie's Observations: Maxie Gets the Jump on Chloe on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for May 26, 2021
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Maxie Jones, General Hospital

Kirsten Storms

On today's General Hospital recap: Passports for Maxie and Peter lay beside his body at the bottom of the stairs. "Five hours earlier . . . "

Brando pulls the trigger on Cyrus, but nothing happens. Cyrus says he's known all along that Brando was Sonny's plant. He plans on killing them both. Brando asks for a final goodbye with his mother when Carly's men show up, guns blazing. Gladys is shot in the arm. Cyrus and his men take off.

Elijah's angry with Nina for getting in his way and wants to know who "Mike" is, but she denies any knowledge. He pushes, so Nina spills the beans on everything that she and "Mike" have been doing. Sonny arrives in time to knock Elijah out with a branch and save the damsel in distress.

Nina tells State Trooper Finchley about Elijah's criminal activities, but he still needs Sonny to come in to discuss the break in. Sonny says there is no evidence he was involved, so Finchley lets him go. Nina and Sonny share a kiss, but she pulls away.

Jason and Britt enjoy the pleasures of physical love. Afterwards, Britt says they need to deal with Peter, once and for all. Jason wants Britt to leave, but she wants to continue to help him.

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Valentin checks in with Brook Lynn and declares they're almost ready to meet their baby. They're both surprised when Millow walk in with Chase, who announces he'll be staying at the mansion as well. Chase worries about Willow spending so much time at the hospital, but Michael reassures him that it's where she wanted to be.

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Brook Lynn chastises Michael for letting Chase stay, telling him that Chase will figure out that Millow are in love. Michael denies it, claiming that he and Willow are just Wiley's parents.

Brook Lynn distracts Yuri and tries to make a run for it, but Valentin returns in time to stop her. Valentin reminds her that he has enemies and she needs to be protected. Brook Lynn promises to have Yuri with her at all times, so Valentin lets it go. Brook Lynn sneaks out, on her way to help Maxie.

Chloe drives an unconscious Maxie to Peter's rendezvous spot. Maxie wakes up in a cabin and Chloe tells her that she's inducing labor so the baby can be born tonight. Chloe tells Maxie that Peter has plans to take her away once the baby is born. Maxie tries to get Chloe to understand that Peter is a bad guy who won't want her as a witness when this is done. Maxie manages to toss hot tea in Chloe's face then grabs a fire poker and smacks her with it.

Nikolas and Ava are at the hospital when Brando brings Gladys in. He realizes he needs to find Sasha before Cyrus does. Carly arrives and tells Brando she has a guard on Sasha.

Portia tells Brando that Gladys is being taken to surgery but that police want to speak to him about the shooting.

Cyrus grabs Spinelli and calls Carly for a trade. (If Carly truly had the cajones of a mob boss, she would tell Cyrus that she doesn't give a crap about Spinelli.)

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