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Drew Barrymore Shares How Her Kids Reacted to Her Daytime Emmy Nod

Drew Barrymore heard about her recent Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Daytime Talk Show Host in an interesting way. She told Entertainment Tonight about where she was and what she was doing when she got the good news.

Barrymore revealed:

I was sitting alone with my two daughters [Olive and Frankie] in the kitchen and we were playing with stickers, and I looked up and I said, 'Girls, I'm so embarrassed to say this, but you know how there's, like, awards shows and stuff?' And they were like, 'Yeah.' [I said], 'I just found out I got nominated!' They were so happy for me, and they gave me a hug. ... Then we just went back to playing stickers.

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She shared:

I told them they were the people that it mattered most that I got to tell, so it felt like a very whole moment. But I'm not gonna lie, all morning long I had been pacing... I'm not nominated for [awards] a lot.

Barrymore dished that her personal and professional journeys over the past decade has led her to this place. She explained:

I knew that my children had to come first and that everything had to take a backseat. And then you're like, 'Wait, who am I even? Do I have a skillset? Did I lose myself in my kids? Are they going to be in therapy because I'm too much in their face?' I moved from Los Angeles to New York, I've changed jobs. I've been married, divorced, I've had two kids. And I wanted to find a job that matched my curiosity.