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Perkie's Observations: A Familiar Face Helps Maxie Deliver Her Baby on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for May 27, 2021
Roger Howarth

Roger Howarth

On today's General Hospital recap:

"Four hours earlier . . ."

Jason says he's only going back to PC for a few days, but will be back for her. He says he feels responsible for Britt and wants to make things right. Britt says she's not the type to let a man fix her problems for her. Jason says Cyrus wants her dead and she needs to stay safe and allow him to end this.

Cyrus tells Carly he'll give Spinelli back in exchange for Gladys. He wants to meet in an hour for the exchange. Ava offers to stand in for Gladys, which does not make Nikolas happy.

Ava says Cyrus is being sloppy, but Nikolas says Carly is the one who's out of control. Ava says he needs to support her, but Nikolas storms off. Carly thanks Ava for her help. Ava says she wants Cyrus taken down as badly as she does.

Carly calls Jason and asks Britt for the truth about his condition. She then tells Jason about Spinelli and her plan for the exchange.

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Maxie smacks Chloe with the fire poker. She runs out of the house and into the woods where she starts having labor pains. A stranger (played by Roger Howarth) finds her, says he's a doctor, and offers to deliver the baby. He introduces himself as Austin and helps her deliver baby Louise. Maxie notices that the baby isn't crying.

Valentin accuses Peter of following Brook Lynn and promises to kill Peter if anything happens to her. Peter denies watching Brook Lynn. He says he knows it would be an automatic death sentence to threaten Valentine's children.

Valentin says he wants a dose of the antidote since he and Chase happen to both be living at the Quartermaines. Peter agrees to have a vial ready for him. Peter promises to be a changed man for his daughter and warns Valentin not to get in his way. Valentin notices Peter's packed bag and makes a call to Anna.

The annual Port Charles baseball game has Sam on Team Aurora with Dante on the opposite side for Team PCPD. The two trash talk each other, and I wonder how Aurora has enough employees to create a full team. (There's Sam and Michael, and did I mention Sam? Oh, and Michael.)

Carly meets with Cyrus for the exchange, but leaves Ava in the car for the moment. She tells him that he's unraveling, and needs to cut his losses and walk away. Cyrus isn't feeling it from Carly and tells her to retreat. He warns her that he will show her no mercy if she comes at him again.

Cyrus' minion drags in Nikolas, who was found hanging around the docks. Cyrus thinks it's an ambush and Carly blew the deal. He plans to leave with Spinelli. 

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