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Roger Howarth Explains Why He Was "Terrified" to Come Back to General Hospital

Roger Howarth

After exiting General Hospital as Robert "Franco" Baldwin, Roger Howarth is now back on canvas as the mysterious doctor Austin. He opened up about his return to Soap Opera Digest, explaining what he was afraid to come back. 

Of his first day back on set, Howarth dished:

I was straight-up terrified, 100 percent. I love what I do and I was glad to get back to it — but there’s a certain amount of nervous energy that showed up.

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How does he plan to make Austin stand out from Franco? The actor noted:

I can’t change the way I look so much. So for this guy to be different, he has to speak differently and walk differently and to be honest, I’ve had mixed success and it’s taken me a bit — I’m still kind of figuring it out. [But] I hope the audience enjoys him, because there is some great story coming.