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Perkie's Observations: Gunfire on the Docks Leaves Cyrus Injured on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for May 28, 2021
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Jeff Korber, General Hospital

Jeff Kober

On today's General Hospital recap:

"Three hours earlier . . . "

Cyrus refuses to let Spinelli go until Jason shows up for a gun fight. Cyrus gets shot in the arm and makes a run for it. Carly chastises Nikolas for getting into the middle of things and possibly messing it all up.

Maxie's baby finally starts breathing and crying. Austin offers to call an ambulance, but Maxie says "he'll" be able to find her. Maxie says she needs to get to Beechers Corners, but Austin wants her to go to the hospital.

Chloe knocks Austin out. Chloe insists on going back to the cabin, but Maxie knocks her down and takes off running. Chloe chases after her, but falls through rotted wood into a pit. Brook Lynn is at the house in Beechers Corners, wondering where Maxie is. Maxie calls Brook Lynn to come and get her.

Liz finds Finn working hard in his lab and feels he needs to take a break. Finn worries that he won't be able to save Chase, but Liz reassures him. Anna's back from Ireland and checks in with Finn. Liz gives her shade about Peter being coddled and creating all of this mess. Anna says Peter is planning on leaving and they need to find something now. She hands Finn one of Sean Donely's files. Finn is grateful for whatever the file may contain and thanks Anna for getting it.

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Chase takes a walk and feels weak. Willow wonders if he's pushing himself too hard. Chase thanks them for their help before passing out again. Chase is taken back to the hospital. Willow spots Anna with the file and wonders what's in it.

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Finn tells Anna to find Peter and get another vial of the antidote.

Willow demands that Finn tell her the truth about Chase's condition.

Portia tells Curtis about Gladys' shooting and is upset at the violence in town. The two discuss the teens and how they'll be graduating soon. Portia says Curtis has always been there for her and Trina. The two share a Covid kiss. Curtis is less than enthused, so Portia figures she misread the moment. Curtis apologizes for giving her mixed messages and reminds her that he just signed divorce papers.

Brando updates Sasha on his mother's shooting as Jordan and Dante arrive to question him. Brando and Sasha tell Jordan everything. Sasha's annoyed at Cyrus' obsession and says he can't dictate her life. Sasha tells Brando that they're in this together.

Dante tells Jordan that Gladys needs to be protected. Jordan says she needs to put out an APB on Cyrus. Jordan gets the call about gunfire on the docks and Dante heads down there.

One of Cyrus' undead minions goes for his gun, but Dante arrives and shoots him. Dante takes Jason's gun, but Carly says it's Cyrus who the police want. Dante tells Nikolas, Ava, Spinelli, and Carly to leave. He then places Jason under arrest.

Jordan tells Brando and Sasha that Cyrus was shot and is on the run. She worries that if Gladys dies, her case against Cyrus will fall apart. Brando admits to Sasha he would be upset if his mother dies.

Portia gets home to find a bloody, gun toting Cyrus waiting for her.