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Perkie's Observations: Jordan Gets a Lead that Points to Peter on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for June 1, 2021
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Jordan Ashford, General Hospital

Briana Nicole Henry

On today's General Hospital recap:

"Two hours earlier . . ."

Cyrus has a gun on Portia, despite her assurances that he doesn't need it. She wants him to go to the hospital, but Cyrus wants her to patch him up herself. Portia refuses to do it. Trina gets home and walks into the mess.

Willow insists that Finn tell her if Chase is worse than he's been letting on. Finn admits he's getting worse and they aren't close to finding a cure. Liz interrupts before Finn can tell them the truth about Peter. Finn admits to Liz that he's worried he won't find a cure in time. Liz reassures him that Peter won't win and can't take anything else from them.

The doctor tells Brando that Gladys will pull through. Brando says he wants to see her. He sits at his mother's bedside and tells her that he loves her. Gladys wakes up and promises to do right by him and the baby.

Gladys tells Jordan that she's ready to talk. She gives a statement that she didn't see Jason drop the gun, but Cyrus told her to say so. Gladys admits she actually saw Peter dispose of the gun.

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Laura drops off Curtis' liquor license and is surprised by his lack of enthusiasm. Curtis discusses his divorce and the possibility of moving on with Portia. He explains how he messed up when Portia kissed him, but Laura reassures him. Laura tells Curtis to call Portia.

Trina gets her mother's medical bag and Portia prepares to remove the bullet. Cyrus refuses to take any sedative, so Portia operates without using anything.

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Brook Lynn finds Maxie in the woods with an unconscious Austin. Maxie says they need to go through with their original plan. She tells Brook Lynn that she has to take the baby and keep her safe from Peter. Maxie says goodbye to the baby and hands her over to Brook Lynn, who leaves. Austin regains consciousness and wonders where the baby is.

Anna stops by to get another antidote from Peter and spots the passports on his desk. Peter says The Invader has been sold and reminds her that she can't turn him in if she wants more antidote. He understands she's there for that reason and will drop a vial off at the hospital. Anna heads back to let Finn know, but worries that Peter won't follow through.

Paramedics take Maxie and Austin to the hospital. Maxie tells Liz to help Austin, and she promises to take good care of him. (For all the confused Facebook viewers who don't seem to understand, Roger Howarth is now playing a completely different character. He isn't supposed to look anything like Franco Baldwin, NO, Liz did not recognize him as Franco, because he's Austin, and looks like Austin!)

Curtis calls Portia, who tries to tell him about Cyrus, but gets disconnected.

Peter arrives at the hospital and is shocked to see Maxie, who tells him that their baby is gone.

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