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WATCH: Billy Flynn on Getting Sober: "I Had to or I Was Going to Die"

Billy Flynn

Billy Flynn

Days of Our LivesBilly Flynn (Chad) got candid with General Hospital's Maurice Benard (Sonny) in a recent episode of Benard's YouTube series State of Mind. Flynn, who dubbed himself a "work in progress," discussed how his struggles with addiction have shaped the man he's become.

Flynn shared:

So I’m an alcoholic and an addict. I’m been in recovery for three years now, approaching three years. But through that journey of self-discovery, luckily I've found a way to—not found a way; I had to or I was going to die—get rid of my ego, get rid of my fear, find a more spiritual way of living. 

He told Benard:

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I’m not a better person because I stopped drinking. I’m a better person because of the changes I had to make to stay sober, you know what I’m saying? So back to how I worried abut what everybody thought. It was just this thing, probably from the age of 10 or 12, and I say that, because until I was 33 and I got sober, that was probably the age I was emotionally and spiritually, was probably that kid still, which is the pain that you saw, that you said you saw, on the show.

The Salem fan fave added that he always had a "pretty unhealthy relationship" with alcohol from his first drink, stating:

It could’ve been sex, love, alcohol, gambling, anything to make me not sit with who I really am and the feelings that I really have and my inability to understand any of them, because I was never taught to. 

Watch the complete interview below.