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Perkie's Observations: Maxie Shreds Peter For Bringing Danger Into Their Lives on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for June 2, 2021
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Maxie Jones, General Hospital

Kirsten Storms

On today's General Hospital recap:

"One hour earlier . . ."

Peter wants answers and Maxie tells him that Chloe stole the baby. Maxie goes through the story, without mentioning that Austin delivered the baby, and says Chloe took the baby and left. Maxie tells Peter that Chloe said it was all his idea, but lays it on thick she doesn't believe the crazy nurse. Peter denies everything. Maxie says she believes he would never hurt her or the baby. Peter says he'll search for her, then lets it slip that Chloe wasn't her real name.

Maxie says she's been suspicious of Chloe from the beginning and loses it on Peter, accusing him of setting this all up. Peter believes grief is talking, but Maxie doubles down. She tells him that he repulses her. She calls him Henrik and says she's grateful the wedding was stopped. Peter admits he had to get rid of everyone who stood in his way.

Maxie says she lost her baby to a lunatic who he brought into their lives. Peter admits he got rid of the real Chloe and swears he'll find Louise and return her to her. Maxie pulls out her phone and shows him she taped everything he said, and sent it to Mac.

Maxie tells Deanna that Peter is a murderer who had her kidnapped. Deanna heads out to get security. Peter runs off, promising again to find Louise.

Cyrus gets the upper hand on the Robinson women and pulls a gun on them again. Portia says she's done what she can, but he'll need proper medical attention. Cyrus decides to leave town and bring Trina with him.

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Curtis tells Laura he believes Portia is in trouble and the two decide to head over to her house. Curtis storms into the house, but Cyrus tells him to back off or he'll shoot the women. Curtis calls Jordan.

Finn's worried when Peter doesn't show up with an antidote for Chase. Liz tells him about Maxie giving birth in the woods.

Jackie and Gregory crawl out of whatever hole they've been in for the past two months and show up at Chase's bedside. While Jackie takes Chase for a walk, Gregory presses Finn for answers, but Finn says he doesn't have any.

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Jordan runs into Anna and tells her that Gladys pointed the finger at Peter. Jordan says she put out an APB and needs to get him. Anna says Jordan has to bring Peter in alive and explains about Chase's poisoning. Anna says the antidote vanishes if Peter leaves town.

Jordan heads to the Robinson house and tries to work things out with Cyrus. Cyrus says he wants someone to drive him and the women to a plane. When he's out of the country, he'll release the women. Jordan's counter offer is for him to release the hostages, but Cyrus refuses. Laura tries to get through to Cyrus and tells him to take her as hostage instead of the Robinson women. 

Liz tells Finn about the altercation between Peter and Maxie. Finn says he needs to get a hold of Peter, but Liz warns him that Peter is desperate and dangerous.

Anna heads to Maxie's room and tells her that along with everything else, Peter is wanted for Franco's murder. Anna updates Maxie on Gladys' story and why she needs to find Peter for Chase's sake.

Peter heads to the roof to wait for his helicopter where Finn finds him.

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