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Perkie’s Observations: Finn Pushes Peter Down the Stairs on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for June 3, 2021
Wes Ramsey

Wes Ramsey

On today's General Hospital recap:

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Peter tells Finn to stay out of his way because his daughter is out there. Finn says Chase is dying and wants Peter to give him what he needs. Peter denies any knowledge of Chase's poisoning and puts the blame on Anna. The two argue back and forth on who's fault it is until Peter admits the poison was meant for Finn. Peter takes a vial out of his pocket and throws it over the building and walks off.

Maxie tells Anna the baby is gone, thanks to Peter. She tells Anna about Chloe and how she took off with the baby. Mac arrives and promises to find the baby. Maxie asks about the confession she recorded. Mac says he received it and promises that Peter will pay. He adds that everyone is out looking for Peter.

Brook Lynn and the baby are holed up in a hotel room. She calls Michael. When he shows up, she makes up a story about going into labor and how a friend's doula helped her deliver. Millow are thrilled, but both tell Brook Lynn that she needs to take the baby to the hospital to be checked out. Brook Lynn is taken to the hospital and happens to sit where Maxie is able to see the baby.

Valentin's looking for Anna, but Liz tears a strip off of him for looking the other way and unleashing Peter on all of them. Valentin apologizes for Liz's suffering.

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Laura offers herself as a hostage, but Cyrus is only willing to release Trina. Kevin has arrived as the hostage negotiator and is upset at her offer. Jordan says she can't let Mayor Laura exchange herself. 

Portia tries to reason with Cyrus to get him to release Trina, but he gets angry at her and forces her to back off. When Cyrus is distracted, Portia tells Trina to make a run for it if the opportunity comes up. 

Taggert gets to the house and angrily tries to breach the perimeter before Curtis and Jordan stop him. On the phone, Cyrus warns them to have Taggert stay back and wants to speak only to Laura. 

Laura convinces Kevin she needs to be the one to go into the house. Jordan sets Laura up with a bullet proof vest. Kevin calls Cyrus to make the exchange. Portia and Trina switch places with Laura.

Finn catches up to Peter at the top of the stairs. The two fight and Finn pushes Peter down the stairs. Liz arrives and checks for a pulse, but can't find one. Finn realizes he killed the one person that can save Chase's life. 

Liz says they need to leave and someone else will find him. Finn can't justify walking away, but Liz says she won't let Finn go to prison for someone who deserved to die. She says Finn can't save Chase from behind bars. 

Mac tells Maxie they've checked all of the hospitals and haven't found Peter. Liz tells Finn the police think Peter is running away and no one will know he's dead. (So, these two managed to drag Peter's body out of the stairwell, stash him somewhere, and clean up all the blood without anyone seeing them??) 

Anna tells Finn and Liz about the kidnapping and explains that Peter has disappeared. Anna swears she won't stop looking for Peter. (So this is how BLQ will continue to be the baby's mother, since they can't tell the truth until Peter is "found".)

Laura tries to get through to Cyrus by talking about his mother and how she'll be upset. Laura tells him they both need to walk out of the house together. Cyrus refuses to go back to prison and says neither one of them is leaving alive.

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