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Laura Wright Talks Playing "Mob Boss Carly" on General Hospital

Laura Wright, General Hospital

General Hospital's Laura Wright is currently the reigning mob moll of Port Charles as Carly Corinthos. The veteran actress told Michael Fairman TV about Carly taking over presumed-dead husband Sonny's (Maurice Benard) territory.

What led the former schemer to become the local organized head honcho? Wright mused:

I had no idea about the mob part of it until about two months ago. As far as Sonny having amnesia and having another life now, I love those kinds of stories. It also gives you as an actor something to play, and what else are you going to do with Sonny and Carly? You can’t really break them up. You’re talking to the person who is game for almost anything, so I loved it. What does Carly’s life look like now as everybody believes that Sonny has died? How does she even take care of herself? For me, it gave me great material to play because of how it all started to crumble. Ava (Maura West) takes Avery, Cyrus (Jeff Kober) starts taking over the territory and the town, and Carly starts losing all of this security in her life as she knew it in trying to protect her family, and it was scary for her.

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Carly is now settling into her role as a queen-pin. Wright explained:

What she is seeing is that there are so many moving parts that she didn’t realize how difficult it was. Sonny made it look easy. There’s not a time to even take a breath. You’ve got to always be on your toes. You know, she is doing it in ‘Carly fashion,’ so it’s always entertaining, and trying as a woman to put out all the fires, but there’s 20 fires behind it, because there is just someone constantly trying to take your seat, trying to hurt your family. There’s just always something to look out for whether it be from the other families or law enforcement. I think that Carly is surprised that she is good at it and surprised at how making these decisions is becoming easier and easier for her, but I don’t know if she sits back and enjoys it. 

Where does Carly stand on BFF Jason (Steve Burton) and dastardly doc Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) going on the run together? The Daytime Emmy winner noted:

Carly saw how Britt stepped up and helped him. I don’t think there is anything else that Carly is thinking right now. Carly doesn’t have the luxury of being old Carly and being snippy, catty, wanting to vet every person in Jason’s life. It’s just not her reality right now. That would be a luxury if she could go back and be that person, but that’s not it. Right now, it’s assessing the situation. 'Is he safe? Is she taking care of him? Great. I don’t care about anything else right now.' This is the difference between old Carly and mob-boss Carly. Those days are gone.