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General Hospital's Sofia Mattsson Talks Sasha and Brando's Baby Surprise

Sofia Mattsson, General Hospital

General Hospital's Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) has found herself in some sticky situations recently. Not only is she pregnant with Brando (Johnny Wactor)'s kid, but the former Face of Deception is getting under the skin of resident Port Charles baddie Cyrus (Jeff Kober). Mattsson opened up to Soap Opera Digest about her character's baby surprise and Brando and Sasha's burgeoning romance.

Mattsson feels that the mechanic and the model make a good pair. She dished:

I’m definitely a ‘Brasha’ fan and I’m so excited that fans seem to like them, too! I love how unconventional Sasha and Brando’s love story is. They also have a lot in common, not only from their experiences with drug abuse but personality-wise, as well. They’re both very fearless, used to taking care of themselves and fiercely protective of the people they love. And neither of them is afraid of teetering on the dangerous side or putting themselves at risk to achieve a greater good. I think they can be a real power couple!

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What are Sasha's thoughts on suddenly finding herself a mom-to-be? The actress explained:

On one hand, it’s scary and overwhelming because it’s such a life-changing event that was unplanned for. Sasha was focused on a career and on getting on track after her drug abuse; becoming a mother was not at all on her mind. On the other hand, Sasha is very strong and has always handled anything that’s been thrown her way, so she’s ready to put those feelings aside and buckle up to deal with motherhood.

Has the baby news brought Sasha and Brando closer together? Mattsson noted:

Yes, I think the fact that they skipped a couple of usual steps in a relationship and had to dive into serious and real stuff so soon has made them grow closer faster. But even so, they’re still just getting to know each other and have a lot to figure out when it comes to who they are to one another and what exactly this means for them as a potential couple.