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Johnny Gilbert Opens Up About Missing Alex Trebek and Voicing Jeopardy!

Johnny Gilbert, Jeopardy!

As the longtime announcer for Jeopardy!Johnny Gilbert has voiced countless episodes of the iconic game show. At age 92, he is still going strong. Gilbert spoke to the Associated Press about the longevity of his career and remembering his late colleague and pal, Alex Trebek.

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After Trebek's sad passing last fall, Gilbert decided to stick with his Jeopardy! gig. That means he's working with lots of new faces as temporary co-hosts (and eventually a permanent choice at the helm). Gilbert mused of the shift:

It’s not easy for me because I worked with Alex for 37 years, and I never thought of anybody replacing him. Nobody can do it like he did it, you know.

Gilbert's dulcet tones might be a point of continuity for fans who miss Trebek, although he now records them remotely. Executive producer Mike Richards stated that, without Trebek, "the fact we can still rely on Johnny is obviously very important to us as well." 

Gilbert told AP he had reservations about coming back to film in person once Season 38 filming kicks off over the summer. He quipped that he's "not as young" as he once was. But Richards added:

Johnny will be the announcer of ‘Jeopardy!’ as long as he would like to be the announcer of ‘Jeopardy!’ I have told him that, and it’s just how he is, humble. He’s never taken the job for granted.