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Perkie's Observations: Finn and Liz Have a Secret, Can They Keep it on General Hospital?

General Hospital Recap for June 4, 2021
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Hamilton Finn, Elizabeth Webber, Maxie Jones, The Bold and the Beautiful

Michael Easton, Rebecca Herbst, Kirsten Storms

On today's General Hospital recap: Laura tries to reason with Cyrus. Kevin calls and Cyrus tells him to get him a car. Cyrus complains that he never had Laura's love, but she says he needed to earn it. Laura says he can redeem himself by turning himself in.

Curtis lets himself into the Robinson home through a window. Cyrus yells at Laura that he's never going back to jail. Laura stupidly reacts when she sees Curtis and Cyrus shoots him. Jordan comes in guns blazing and shoots Cyrus in the leg.

Maxie comes out of her room for a closer look at Louise, just as Valentin walks up to Brook Lynn and is introduced to "his daughter." Valentin is thrilled with baby Bailey and after her checkup he wants to take her home. They run into Austin and Brook Lynn recognizes him from the man in the woods.

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Maxie walks away and promptly passes out. Finn and Liz get her back to her room, where Willow happens to overhear about the missing baby. Maxie says she wants her baby as far away from Peter as possible.

Liz tells her that the police are searching for him. Michael offers her all the Quartermaine resources. Liz pulls Finn away before he can tell Maxie the truth about Peter. She says it won't help find the baby and Finn needs to be out of jail to save Chase.

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Austin stops by to see Maxie and feels badly that he couldn’t save the baby from Chloe. He offers to help the search party try and find Louise. Millow go home and play non-COVID tonsil hockey.

Carly waits for Jason to be released from lockup and apologizes for the mess she created. Carly asks about Britt, saying she's grateful that Britt saved him. Jason praises Carly for keeping the family safe while he was gone. Jason is released and the two find out what happened at the Robinson house.

Liesl finds Britt at the safe house and tells her that Jason called. The two discuss Jason and Liesl feels Britt has met her match. Britt says the situation was heightened and not real. Britt tells Liesl that she was tested and has the genetic marker for Huntington's. Jason calls Britt and tells her that Cyrus has been neutralized and she can come home.

Jax and Olivia make small talk about Carly's new position and how he only wants to protect Josslyn. Olivia is surprised when Brook Lynn and the baby get home. Brook Lynn tells Valentin that she's glad he's the baby's father, that he'll protect her.

Curtis is taken to the hospital where he's prepped for surgery. Cyrus is under police guard. Carly and Jason get to the hospital and are updated. Laura says Curtis saved her life. Taggert praises Jordan that she finally got Cyrus. Kevin is grateful that Laura survived.

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