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Kirsten Storms Thanks Fans For Well Wishes and Explains Health Status

Kirsten Storms

Kirsten Storms

Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones) is giving fans an update on what's going on with her health. On the heels of revealing her brain surgery, Storms thanked fans for their support and well wishes, and explained why she had to have the procedure.

Storms stated on Instagram for the past few years she's had some "random health issues" that she downplayed as being related to age or medications. The General Hospital actress said if it weren't for her orthopedist, she would still be in the dark about things. Storms stated:

I spent the last few years having random health issues that I disregarded as side affects to my medications or just something I was experiencing due to age. When I went to get an MRI for some severe neck pain I have been experiencing for the last few months (I assumed this neck pain was also causing my frequent “migraines”) my amazingly thorough orthopedist ordered an MRI of my head just to be on the “safe side” - even though that isn’t his area of expertise.
Truly a great doctor.

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