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Perkie's Observations: Will Michael and Willow's Secret Be Exposed on General Hospital?

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Michael Corinthos, Willow Tait, General Hospital

Chad Duell, Katelyn MacMullen

Curtis hasn't regained consciousness after his surgery. Trina sits at his bedside and thanks him for saving their lives. She badgers him to wake up.

Laura comforts Jordan as Stella arrives for an update. Laura praises Jordan for her actions, but tells Stella that Curtis is the hero. Jordan blames herself, but Stella doesn't think she should.

Portia tells Laura she's that Curtis called her that night otherwise no one would have known Cyrus was in her house.

Laura sits at Curtis' bedside and talks about their friendship. Jordan takes her turn and begs him to come back to them. Stella tries to get him to wake up, but Portia's voice seems to bring him around.

Brook Lynn is surprised to see Olivia and Valentin getting along while enjoying baby Bailey. Ned drops into meet his alleged granddaughter. Brook Lynn brings up the ELQ shares, but Valentin says he wants his name put on the birth certificate.

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Ned asks to speak with Brook Lynn alone. He tells her to forget the shares and get rid of Valentin. Ned says he doesn't care about ELQ, but only Brook Lynn and the baby. Brook Lynn however, goes ahead with the exchange.

Dante pays Maxie a visit to find out more about the missing baby. Sam overhears Dante say that he thinks Maxie is keeping something from him, and jumps in. Dante says Maxie might remember the events clearer now.

Maxie goes over everything that really happened up to a point. When Dante pushes about how Chloe was able to take the baby away, Maxie gets upset and Sam drags Dante out of the room to chastise him. Dante backs off and Sam tells Maxie that as soon as she's rested, she will need to give all the details to bring the baby home safely.

Jax thinks because Cyrus is going to prison and Jason is free, that Carly will hand the business over to Jason. (Apparently, Jax hasn't met Carly before now.) Jax really wants to talk about Nina being in Wiley's life. Carly is still upset about Nina, but Jax is more interested in why Michael is blowing him off. Carly claims Michael is a very busy man who works, raises Wiley, and visits Chase in the hospital.

In Nixon Falls, Sonny tells Lenny and Phyllis about the altercation with Elijah. He also worries about Nina. When Nina arrives, Phyllis wants details about "Mike". Nina tells her about their kiss, but Phyllis doesn't understand what the problem is. Nina says "Mike" must have a life somewhere else, but Phyllis says "Mike" has put down roots here. Phyllis thinks the two of them can be happy together.

Sonny tells Lenny about the kiss, but says Nina pulled back. Sonny thinks he messed up with Nina. Lenny reassures him that Nina is still interested, but Sonny wants to talk to Nina about the kiss. (They'll meet after history class by the cafeteria.)

Jax pays Michael a visit and says he knows what's going on between him and Willow.