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Perkie's Observations: Michael Is Forced to Compromise With Nina on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for June 8, 2021
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Michael Corinthos, General Hospital

Chad Duell

On today's General Hospital recap: The women around Curtis are thrilled when he wakes up. Jordan says he's a hero. Laura talks to Curtis about Cyrus and the choices he's made.

Stella takes Portia aside and questions her relationship with Curtis. Portia denies there's anything between them. Portia says they're friends and that's all. Stella warns Portia that Curtis needs to recover from his marriage and to back off.

Portia comes back to talk to Curtis, who wants to talk about their kiss. Portia claims she's glad he shut it down.

Stella talks to Jordan and tells her not to give up on her marriage. Jordan admits she hasn't gotten around to signing the divorce papers yet. Stella says Jordan still loves Curtis and there's time to make things right.

Jax tells Michael that he saw Millow in an intimate moment. Michael says Chase can't find out about what's going on between them. Michael wants to be sure that Jax won't say anything, but he brings up Nina. Jax wants a compromise for Nina and Michael thinks Jax is trying to blackmail him.

Jax swears that's not his intent, he just wants Nina involved in Wiley's life. Michael says he doesn't trust Nina around Wiley. Jax mentions Chase again. Michael gets angry and accuses Jax of blackmail. Jax hands Michael his phone and tells him to make the call.

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Sonny says his kiss with Nina didn't come out of nowhere and adds he cares about her. Nina admits she has feelings for him, but they can never be together. She says it's about who she is. Sonny says he's free of his past and maybe they have a chance together. He thinks she should stay in Nixon Falls and give it a shot with him.

Michael calls Nina and tells her he's reconsidered and will allow her to see Wiley. Michael tells her to come back to Port Charles.

Nikolas tells Alexis he's no longer going to buy the prison. He mentions that Cyrus was arrested and she's now safe. Shawn arrives and says he was denied parole. Nikolas calls someone to thank them for keeping Shawn in prison.

Liz wishes Finn would rest, saying he won't find a cure for Chase if he pushes himself too hard. Finn feels guilty for his part in Peter's death. Liz says Peter got what he deserved and he was never going to cure Chase.

Liz offers to help and they go over Sean's files on Faison's poison. Something Liz says triggers Finn, who thinks he's figured out what he needs to do for Chase.

Willow is surprised when she gets to Chase's room and sees it now decorated, vacation style. Chase is thankful that Willow has been at his side through this. Chase reaches over to kiss her, but Willow stops him.

Before Willow can tell Chase about Michael, Finn storms in, saying he believes he knows how he can cure Chase.

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