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WATCH: All My Children Actors Reminisce About Sudsy Plots on E!'s Reunion Road Trip

Eva LaRue

On E!'s upcoming show Reunion Road Trip, former All My Children alums will meet up to talk about their time on the soap. In a TV Insider preview for the episode, airing June 10 at 9 PM EST, the actors sit around a table and chat about some of the most outrageous storylines they participated in on AMC.

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Eva LaRue (ex-Maria) shared one of the zanier plots that her character was a part of. She recalled:

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One of my crazier storylines is that Erica Kane [Susan Lucci] stole my baby. Somehow we were trapped, she lured me to this cabin in the woods, and I went into labor. She delivered the baby. I passed out. She stole the baby, told me it was dead. 

Jacob Young (ex-J.R.) reminisced about when a bomb exploded in Pine Valley, adding:

I made myself hoarse, 'cause I was screaming for Babe [Alexa Havins] for three weeks straight.

Watch a sneak peek at the stars sharing some of their favorite memories below.