WATCH: All My Children Actors Reminisce About Sudsy Plots on E!'s Reunion Road Trip

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Eva LaRue

On E!'s upcoming show Reunion Road Trip, former All My Children alums will meet up to talk about their time on the soap. In a TV Insider preview for the episode, airing June 10 at 9 PM EST, the actors sit around a table and chat about some of the most outrageous storylines they participated in on AMC.

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Eva LaRue (ex-Maria) shared one of the zanier plots that her character was a part of. She recalled:

One of my crazier storylines is that Erica Kane [Susan Lucci] stole my baby. Somehow we were trapped, she lured me to this cabin in the woods, and I went into labor. She delivered the baby. I passed out. She stole the baby, told me it was dead. 

Jacob Young (ex-J.R.) reminisced about when a bomb exploded in Pine Valley, adding:

I made myself hoarse, 'cause I was screaming for Babe [Alexa Havins] for three weeks straight.

Watch a sneak peek at the stars sharing some of their favorite memories below.