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First Impressions: Roger Howarth as Austin on General Hospital

Austin Holt, General Hosptial

Now that you've had time to adjust to the General Hospital casting switcheroo, it's time to make a decision about your not so first impression.

Roger Howarth stepped into the role of Franco in 2013. His polarizing story involved multiple crimes allegedly erased because of a brain tumor. Over time, he settled into a family life with Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) before he met his maker at the hands of Peter (Wes Ramsey). Exit Howarth as Franco.

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Enter Howarth as Austin. He's not a lookalike, which can happen on a soap, nor is he a long lost relative. He's a new character with no resemblance or connection to Franco. Once the dust settled on this debate, all we have is Austin, a shirtless doctor who stumbled upon Maxie (Kirsten Storms) in the woods when it was time for her to deliver. 

Austin wanted Maxie to get to the hospital, but got whacked on the head with a poker, insuring his own admission to the ER.

What did you think of Howarth's reincarnation? Where do you see his new character going? Sound off in the comments below!