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Perkie's Observations: Ava and Nikolas Are Stalked By a Stranger on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for June 9, 2021
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Ava Jerome, General Hospital

Maura West

On today's General Hospital recap: Nikolas and Ava get home to find a knife through a photo of them. Ava assumes that it's Ryan's work. Nikolas doesn't understand how Ryan could have pulled it off. Ava shows him a note on the back of the photo that essentially says that Ryan will get rid of Nikolas to get to Ava.

Nikolas tells Ava to call the police and Dante comes out to take their statement. Ava isn't thrilled with the PCPD's lack of interest in their case. Ava wonders if Dante would be so dismissive if Ryan was stalking someone he cares about.

Dante says Ryan is basically comatose and someone else could be acting as a copy cat criminal. Dante takes a closer look at the note. He thinks it's possible Nikolas is the target and not Ava. Dante tells them to move out of Wyndemere.

Maxie tells Anna the baby's gone and another victim of Peter's. Anna says they have Peter's computer and promises they'll find him. Maxie asks about security cameras, but Anna says there is no sign of him. Anna says she's here to help find the baby. Maxie says the baby will never be safe until Peter is caught and for Anna to make that her priority.

Britt's back at work complaining to Liesl about Peter. Britt tells her mother to keep her diagnosis to herself. Britt finds out Maxie was admitted and the two head to her room to see the baby. Both are shocked to hear the baby has been kidnapped and Peter is gone.

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Britt asks Anna how she can help find Peter, but Anna tells her to help Maxie. Liesl blames herself for not taking out Peter when she had the chance. Maxie asks her to leave it alone and not to get into trouble. Maxie wants to be released, but Britt wants to know the truth. Maxie doesn't tell Britt the truth, but says she feels the baby will be safe.

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Anna and Liesl argue back and forth about Peter, and how he was allowed to get away with everything. Liesl says Peter is more manipulative than Faison. Anna says she lost herself trying to save him. Liesl says Anna needs to find herself before being able to find Peter or the baby.

Nina's thrilled to hear that Michael is allowing her into Wiley's life. She says she needs to wrap things up before she can return. Sonny wonders why Nina isn't thrilled to have a chance with Wiley and tells her to go now. Nina says it would just be a visit and promises she'll be back. Sonny gives her a bottle of sauce to remember him by. Nina gives him a kiss goodbye.

Michael yells at Jax again about blackmailing him on Nina's behalf. Michael says they aren't family anymore because Jax destroyed their relationship.

Finn promises Chase he's found a way to save him. Liz calls Jackie to come in and Finn asks her for a cheek swab. His intent is to create an antidote from his and Jackie's DNA to get past Chase's immune system. Finn administers the antidote.

Chase starts to feel better, then takes a turn for the worse. (Because Finn isn't dear old dad after all and they now need Gregory's DNA to make it work??)

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