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Bradford Anderson And Steve Burton Hold Wes Ramsey Appreciation Podcast

Bradford Anderson, Steve Burton

The General Hospital boys, Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) and Steve Burton (Jason), are showing some love an support for co-star Wes Ramsey (Peter). The two recently dedicated their Stone Cold and the Jackal podcast to their pal Ramsey to give props on the work he's been doing as the dastardly Peter August, AKA Henrik Faison.  Anderson raved about how it was a joy to work with Ramsey and explained how great to have him on the canvas. Anderson stated:

From my point of view, I've really enjoyed—I mean, first of all, I've really enjoyed working with Wes. Wes is a fantastic human being, if you've ever had the privilege to talk to him or meet him you the warmth and friendliness, and just like he's got— he has the kindest eyes, which is funny. Because when you see Peter flare up you're like, 'Wolf,' but Wes himself is just a gentle giant.

Burton also chimed in and revealed a little tidbit regarding both Peter and Cyrus (Jeff Kober) being at a crossroads on the show and hinted atone of them possibly biting the bullet on GH. He said:

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You know, we have two guys right now on the show, Cyrus and Peter. Yeah, and something's gotta give, probably, like something's gonna break. We don't know, we don't know who's going to die, if they're going to die. Who shot Peter? Who killed Cyrus? Which, I mean—who knows, right? So this is what cool too, 'cause we don't know yet at work, so we're just kind of watching it unravel also, you know? 

Burton went on to talk about how fantastic Ramsey was and how he had to ask co-star Laura Wright (Carly), who is Ramsey's longtime girlfriend, if he was legit. According to Burton:

You know, the guy's so—it's so nice. I asked Laura. I go, 'Is this is this guy, is this real? Is this dude like this?' She goes, '100%, he's like this all the time.' I go, 'Man that's amazing!' So like you said, like you touched on, it's really nice to meet somebody who really is as humble and gracious as Wes is, for you know, for his job for his life and that's really cool to see. So I'm looking forward to see how this whole thing plays out because there's a lot of people on the canvas that he's crossed, so we'll see how it happens.

Watch the two below.