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Perkie's Observations: Carly Sidelines Cyrus' Threats on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for June 10, 2021
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Carly Corinthos, General Hospital

Laura Wright

On today's General Hospital recap: Finn and Elizabeth work to help Chase recover from a seizure as Gregory arrives. Finn updates everyone that the seizures have stopped for now, but he's still looking for a cure.

Carly pays Cyrus a visit in the hospital to rub it in about how things worked out. Cyrus says his lawyers are working to get him out. Carly says the DEA was brought in when the shipment of drugs that blew up in the harbor came back as one of Cyrus'. She says he's facing RICO charges as well as the others involving murder.

Cyrus counters that he'll tell the Feds about Dev's fraud unless she intervenes with the US Attorney. Carly says she anticipated this, so when she got immunity for Gladys, she also got it for her family. Carly says Jason is free and Sonny's territory is safe. Cyrus warns her the further she gets in, the harder it is to get out.

Martin and Laura discuss how Cyrus' impending removal from the hospital board. Martin says he still doesn't know where Cyrus has their mother kept and asks if Laura will get the information. Laura says she doesn't think she has any influence on Cyrus and doubts he'll tell her anything. Martin is certain that if anyone can talk to Cyrus, it will be Laura.

Laura pays Cyrus a visit and Carly demands to know why, from Martin. He explains that Cyrus is still hiding his mother and Carly says she can help him find her.

Laura tells Cyrus his people will stop caring for his mother as soon as he goes back to prison. Cyrus will tell her where Florence is in exchange for a reduced sentence. Laura says she has no influence. Martin calls, saying he found Florence. Cyrus speaks to his mother, who wants nothing to do with him.

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Gladys is thrilled with all the attention from Brando. Sasha thanks her for speaking against Cyrus, and allowing her and Brando to figure out their future together.

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Sasha shows Brando her ultrasound. (She's supposed to be at most 2 months pregnant, but looks like she's 6 months along, as does the photo of the fetus. Slow your roll, show.) The two show the ultrasound to Gladys. Gladys tells Brando she wants to stay in town and help with him and the baby.

Sonny tells Phyllis that Nina went back to Port Charles to see her grandson, and likely won't return. Lenny tells him to get on the next flight to PC, while Phyllis is certain Nina will be back.

Lenny collapses, but claims it's just dehydration. When Phyllis leaves the room, Lenny admits to Sonny he's having heart problems and Phyllis doesn't know the truth. Sonny says she has a right to know what's going on.

Michael tells Willow about Jax blackmailing him to have Nina visit Wiley. Willow tells him she was about to tell Chase the truth when Finn came in. She says he has to hear the truth from her and not Jax.

Carly partly overhears, and Millow tell her that Nina is on her way back to visit with Wiley. Carly wants to know how Jax factors in, but Michael only says that Jax went to bat for Nina.

Finn gets frustrated that he didn't find the cure and wants to turn himself into the police. Liz talks him down. He gets a call from the lab then informs the others that the toxin is still in Chase's system. He says the serum he made is making the symptoms more intense.

Finn sits at Chase's bedside. Chase believes he's going to die.

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