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Former Ellen Employees Share Thoughts on Talk Show's Ending

Former staffers of The Ellen DeGeneres Show are opening up to BuzzFeed News about the show wrapping. They shared their thoughts on allegations of a toxic workplace and sexual harassment and Ellen DeGeneres' decision to bring the chatfest to a close.

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One ex-employee told the digital publication:

I think this is ‘consequence culture.’ People are like, ‘cancel culture,’ but no, this is a consequence of somebody and an institution that got away with fostering a super unhealthy and toxic work environment for a really long time. I think they did all the right things to make it look like they were making changes — they fired some people, they gave [Stephen] tWitch [Boss] an executive producer position because they didn't have a lot of diversity, and they made it look like they did all the right things, but it still wasn't enough. It all comes out in the wash at the end, and you realize this is really what she deserves and what the show deserves.

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One person who used to work for the show said they felt DeGeneres made her reaction to the allegations "all about her. They added:

You have a billion bucks in your bank account. It didn't hurt you that deeply. This hurt other people's livelihoods, working people who are taking care of their families and who don't have the fame and power and money that she has. She wants to move the hell on and get away from all the ugliness. But calling [the allegations] ‘stupid’ does not show any sense of seriousness that you actually got it. It’s insulting and degrading to the multiple people who suffered for years.

Another ex-Ellen employee added that brighter opportunities might be on the horizon for current staffers. They stated:

I think that those people will realize that there's so much more out there and that they can work in a nontoxic work environment.