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The Talk's Amanda Kloots Gets Candid About Tragedy And Grief in Memoir Live Your Life

Amanda Kloots, The Talk

In just over a year, Amanda Kloots has undergone enough extremes for a lifetime. The dancer/trainer/entrepreneur made headlines for the tragic loss of her husband, actor Nick Cordero, to COVID-19. Kloots also joined The Talk as a co-host in January 2021. 

Now, she and sister Anna have penned a memoir, "Live Your Life: My Story of Loving and Losing Nick Cordero," in stores June 15. Kloots spoke to The New York Times about sharing her journey with the world.

Mom to son Elvis, Kloots shared that she was able to visit Cordero a few times a week in the final months of his life. At that point, Cordero had tested negative for COVID three times and was not on a floor with COVID patients. She shared:

I never saw him Covid positive. There was no way they would let me in, and I wouldn’t also do that. I was a single parent, and I had to make sure I stayed healthy. 

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During the last week of Cordero's life, she did everything possible to stay by his side. Kloots added:

I probably would have dressed like a doctor and sneaked in if I needed to. There was no stopping me.

Kloots divulged that, though many fans followed her life on Instagram, her personal life had real ups and downs. She even claimed she "was not a good wife," detailing their successes and failures as a couple and family. But Cordero's COVID diagnosis changed everything.

His wife took him to urgent care with what they thought was pneumonia on March 30. Two days later, he was on a ventilator. Kloots earned many fans with viral singalongs of Cordero's tune "Live Your Life," which also lent its name to her book.

Kloots admitted:

I learned to appreciate his music too late. But I’m determined to keep his voice alive.