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Who Should Pay For Vinny's Death on The Bold and the Beautiful? (POLL)

The Bold and the Beautiful

Don Diamont, Joe LoCicero, Scott Clifton

Bill (Don Diamont) and Liam (Scott Clifton) were driving on a dark Mulholland Drive on The Bold and the Beautiful when a shadowy figure appeared in the middle of the road. Suddenly . . . THUMP! . . . down went Vinny! 

Liam was driving Bill's ultra exclusive sports car, which is enough pressure for one man, but to cause damage to it? Poor Liam! Anyway, Vinny died in Liam's arms before the Spencer heir fainted from the intense stress of it all. Things went downhill from there.

Bill decided to clean up the scene, put Liam in the car, and leave Vinny in the dust. When Liam realized what happened, he was beside himself with guilt. He and Bill argued for days, each taking up the cause for their side.

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Bill, who believed Liam would not be able to convince authorities it was an accident, tried to get Liam to move forward. He told Liam he got rid of all the clues, including the car, so nothing could be tied to either one of them. Bill tied to get Liam to focus on reuniting with his family.

Liam felt horrible for what happened and wanted to turn himself in. He knew deep down he couldn't go home and pretend nothing happened. After all, he promised Hope (Annika Noelle) he would never lie again!

Now that both Spencer men are in jail, Hope believes Liam would not be there if it wasn't for Bill's interference and manipulation. What do you think? Who's really responsible for Vinny's death? Vote and leave your comments below!