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Perkie's Observations: Carly and Nina Grill Michael and Jax on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for June 14, 2021
Carly Corinthos, General Hospital

Laura Wright

On today's General Hospital recap: Nina's less than thrilled to see Carly horning in on her visit with Wiley. Carly is quick to point out that it's past Wiley's bedtime and has Michael end the visit. Carly tells Nina that Jax pressured Michael into allowing the visit. Nina thanks Michael for allowing her to see Wiley before heading out.

Carly wants to know what Jax has against Michael to force him to comply, but Michael denies anything. Michael says he was already considering Nina visiting Wiley and Jax didn't force it. Michael asks if Carly is ready to hand the reins of the business back to Jason.

Carly gives all the reason why she took over the business, but Michael says Jason is back and he should be in charge. (A wee bit sexist there, aren't we, Mikey? I hate the mob stories as much as the next person, but at least Carly in charge is different.)

TJ and Molly have a happy reunion with Stella before heading to Pentonville. Stella complains to Jordan about her divorce. Jordan says she can't be the person Curtis needs her to be. Jordan says Stella has to accept the marriage is over, and to back off from Portia and Curtis.

Alexis questions Shawn about the parole hearing, but he says stabbing Jason was an issue. Molly visits with Alexis while TJ visits with Shawn. Molly says she loves working in the DA's office. Alexis asks Molly to look at the sentencing records from 2015 onwards and Molly agrees to get them for her.

TJ and Shawn discuss Cyrus getting caught and Curtis being a hero. Shawn tells TJ that his parole was denied and he won't be at TJ's graduation. Shawn says TJ shouldn't continue to come and see him, but TJ says he wants his father in his life.

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Bobbie checks in on Maxie and can't believe what happened with the baby. Bobbie sits with Maxie as she cries and talks about missing her baby, who's in another woman's arms.

Chase summons Finn and Liz. Just then, Brook Lynn arrives and tells them he and Willow are getting married. Chase says they want to do it soon, while there's still time. Brook Lynn is shocked to hear that Chase's condition is terminal.

Brook Lynn speaks to Willow, who says she's marrying Chase because she loves him. Brook Lynn says she knows Willow is in love with Michael. Willow admits her feelings, but promises to do right by Chase.

Chase tells Finn he doesn't hold him accountable for his death, should he die. Finn tells Liz and blames himself for Chase's fatal condition. Liz takes Finn's hand as she says it isn't his fault and the two have a moment before she walks away.

Nina drops in to see Jax and wants to know what he's done. Jax says he just wanted to make amends and convinced Michael to reach out. Nina thanks Jax for setting things up, but says she doesn't owe him anything. Jax asks if she's going back to Nixon Falls, but Nina isn't sure. She says her life might not be in Port Charles anymore.

Brook Lynn sits and tells Chase she's here for him, no matter what. Chase complains he's so weak and he wished he was marrying Willow forever. He says he's scared and doesn't want to die. Brook Lynn hugs him.

Willow tells Michael about Chase's marriage proposal.

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