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The View's Joy and Meghan Agree on The Bachelor Being "Extremely Problematic"

Joy Behar, Meghan McCain, The View

Joy Behar and Meghan McCain

Who would've thought The View's Joy Behar and Meghan McCain could agree on anything? The panel discussed on Wednesday the announcement that Chris Harrison will no longer host The Bachelor or any of the spinoff shows. 

Frequent sparring partners Behar and McCain weren't shocked by this move and didn't waste anytime ripping the show, whose parent company, just like The View, is ABC.

Behar snarked:

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Let’s tell the truth about The Bachelor. It’s a show based on superficial relationships. Why would you ever expect that the host would be a deep thinker?

Behar went on to comment she didn't believe in the show due to how short the courtship was and doubted the relationships lasted. Later, McCain slammed the show for its lack of diversity with race and physical appearance, size-wise. McCain stated:

I don’t love The Bachelor. I apologize to our parent company, ABC. I mean no disrespect to the work that’s done on this network, but it’s an extremely problematic show. I think the fact that there’s never any Asian people, there are never any Black people, there’s not a lot of Hispanic people. If you want to talk about body positivity, there’s very rarely — I think there was one contestant, one time, who was over a size zero.

Nothing like the disdain for "Bachelor Nation" to bring a pair together. Watch the duo below.