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Perkie's Observations: Sam and Dante Unpick One of Maxie's Lies on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for June 15, 2021
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Samantha McCall, Dante Falconeri, General Hospital

Kelly Monaco, Dominic Zamprogna

On today's General Hospital recap: Willow tells Michael that Chase is dying, which is why she accepted his proposal. She says Chase deserves this, but Michael reminds her it's a lie. Willow wonders if he regrets loving her, but Michael reassures her. Willow says it will be easier on her if Michael's not around her. The two share a kiss goodbye.

Phyllis is appreciative of all that "Mike" has done for her and Lenny. She wonders what they'll do without him if he chooses to follow Nina to Port Charles. Sonny says he and Nina have a connection, but it's not more than that. Phyllis tells him to find out if Nina's okay.

Maxie is concerned when Sam calls and tells her that she's at the house in Pautuk where Chloe kept her. Dante shows up and Sam says she's only there to find out what happened to the baby.

Austin shows up, saying he owns the house, though he has no idea how Maxie ended up there. Dante says Austin's name keeps coming up, which makes him suspicious. Austin says he lives nearby and hikes the woods every day. He just happened to come across Maxie on that day.

Austin doesn't understand their suspicions and feels they should be glad he was the one who found Maxie when she was in labor. He believes he's the good guy, but Dante points out the hidden camera in the room. Austin says he has no idea about it and thinks the management company put it there.

Dante gets a call that he can view the footage from that night. The three watch the video, which shows that Austin was not in the cabin. After Austin leaves, Dante tells Sam that Maxie lied to them.

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Nina stops by to see Maxie and says she'll do everything to help find the baby. Maxie wants to know what's so special about Nixon Falls that Nina stayed away so long. Nina says she felt comfortable there.

Nina gets a call from "Mike" and Maxie wonders who he is. Maxie pushes, so Nina explains she met "Mike" at the bar and she feels a connection with him. Nina calls him back and the two make small talk.

Nina tells Maxie about seeing Valentin and the baby. Maxie asks about the baby, saying she's bonded with Brook Lynn. After Nina leaves, Maxie tells herself she needs to see her baby.

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Brook Lynn is upset and tells Valentin that Chase is going to die. Valentin promises to deal with Peter.

Ned tells Brook Lynn now that she has her shares back, they can vote to oust Valentin. Valentin questions who will replace him, will it be Ned or Michael? Valentin says ELQ is thriving with him in charge and the board members will be divided. Ned says he wants what's best for ELQ.

Jason's free and back in charge. Carly thanks Britt for all of her help. Britt thanks Jason for sending Liesl to her in Canada. Britt says she had a moment of weakness regarding her illness, but it's time to move on.

Ava and Nikolas discuss who could be stalking them. Ava wonders if it could be one of Nikolas' exes, but he doesn't believe Liz would do something like that. Ava points to Britt and says she would.

Nikolas interrupts to talk to Britt, but Jason isn't happy with Nikolas for messing up the trade on the pier with Spinelli. Nikolas says he was protecting Ava. Jason tells him to stay out of his business, but Nikolas says it's Carly's business.

Jason leaves, allowing Nikolas to speak with Britt. Nikolas asks what kind of game Britt's playing and tells her about the weird gifts. Britt denies it and tells Nikolas to leave her alone.

Ava questions Carly and Jason about who's going to be head of the company, now that Jason is back.

The Metro Court bartender calls someone and tells them he swiped Nikolas' hotel key card and they're all set.

Ned tells Michael that Valentin is going to divide the ELQ board and split the vote, leaving him in charge.

Carly sees Jason and Britt holding hands.

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