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Hilarie Burton Recalls Pete Wentz's Weird One Tree Hill Guest Stint

Peyton Sawyer, Pete Wentz, One Tree Hill

Hilarie Burton reminisced about a unique One Tree Hill storyline in a chat with People. Looking back on Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz's guest stint in the third season, the actress called the rocker a "good sport."

She noted:

Poor Pete. Pete really thought he was just coming on the show to play like, a cool dude.

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Burton added:

And the next thing you know, it looks like he's having an affair with a high school girl. And that is forever now on TV. You don't get to takesie backsie that one.

As a fictional version of himself, Wentz played a gig with his band in Tree Hill, North Carolina. His character then bonded with artsy student Peyton Sawyer (Burton) and tagged along on a trip the Tree Hill teens took to a cabin. Burton said:

Yeah, I don't think he realized our characters were in high school because we were all in our 20s in real life. And so it wasn't until even I watched it back that I was like, 'Oh, there's a lot of insinuation in here. I thought we were just kissing buddies, but this looks bad in the edit.'