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Paul Telfer Teases Xander and Gwen Getting Even "Closer" on Days of Our Lives

Paul Telfer

Xander Kiriakis (Paul Telfer) has had a rough few months on Days of Our Lives. Just before their wedding, Sarah Horton (Linsey Godfrey) disappeared; depressed, Xander hit the booze, got insta-married to Chanel Dupree (Precious Way), and bedded already-married Nicole Walker Brady (Arianne Zucker). Oh, and now he's trying to help Dr. Snyder's (Michael Lowry) drug mule, Gwen Rizczech (Emily O’Brien). 

Telfer talked to Soap Hub about Xander's troubled love life and what's to come for Xander and Gwen. What did he think of Xander's troubled world post-Sarah? Telfer dished:

I didn’t want Xander staring out the window crying for months and yearning for Sarah to return. Obviously, there was going to have to be some of that. She’s the love of his life and the first real romance I’ve portrayed on the show. But I know that’s not fun for the fans to watch; just some mopey big idiot wandering around. I’m glad [the writers] made it funny. Xander's typical, almost adolescent, reaction to things felt very much like I did when I was a teenager and had my heart broken, which was grab a bottle of vodka and go to the park. My hope was that as much as the way Sarah exited was a crazy over-the-top storyline, that at least the fallout of it, for Xander, could be played in a fun, semi-real way.

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Xander's scheming side has re-emerged since good girl Sarah exited. Telfer added:

Everything that’s happened [since Sarah left town] has allowed both Xander and me to get out of this spiral of despair and start rebuilding this new gray Xander, as opposed to nasty bad Xander, who was occasionally charming and surprisingly kind to random people, and good Xander, who was trying his best to be a better person for Sarah. This new mix of the two makes him a little bit unpredictable.

Now, Xander's trying to help Gwen, but can that backfire? Telfer teased:

Gwen keeps saying, 'Don’t help me.' The cycle continues of her wanting to be left alone to handle this by herself, and Xander insisting that he can improve things with a little bit of violence and intimidation, as is his way. Xander is more than prepared to kill Snyder. He’s lashing out. He has a huge amount of darkness in him, right now, and he’s got this target in Snyder that he can unleash it all on. But Gwen’s interceding literally begging Xander not to do it, knowing that it would make things even worse. It only forces them closer together.