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Woman's Day Charts Susan Lucci's Real-Life Love Affair With Helmut Huber

Helmut Huber, Susan Lucci

As All My Children's Erica Kane, Susan Lucci walked down the aisle more times than we can count. In real life, though, she's been married to her husband, Helmut Huber, for over 50 years. Woman's Day celebrated the soap diva's own happily-ever-after in a romantic article.

Lucci and Huber first met in 1965. He was working as a chef and head of head of food and beverage the hotel where she was waitressing. Nine years older, Huber fell for Lucci almost at first sight.

As quoted by Woman's Day, Huber told People:

The first time I saw Susie, it hit me,. Still today, she walks in a room, and I just light up.

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 She didn't consider the Austrian native a romantic prospect because of the age difference and went on to get engaged to another man. She held her engagement party at that same hotel and ran into Huber again in 1968. A month later, Lucci ended things with her then-fiancé; she and Huber have been together ever since.

Huber has been with the daytime legend through her many career highs. Woman's Day's Corinne Sullivan noted:

After just three months of dating (and several proposals from Helmut), Susan finally agreed to marry him, and on Sept. 13, 1969, they tied the knot. Right around the same time, Susan landed the role of Erica on the forthcoming soap opera All My Children, and her career took off.

The pair share two children: daughter Liza (ex-Gwen, Passions) and son Andreas. Sullivan added:

After more than 51 years of marriage, it seems Susan and Helmut are just as enamored with each other as ever[...] 

After all, they're as loved up on Instagram as anyone could be and Lucci gushes about her hubby in interviews. Talk about couple goals!