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Perkie's Observations: Cyrus Is Escorted to The Big House on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for June 16, 2021
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Cyrus Renault, General Hospital

Jeff Kober

On today's General Hospital recap: Stella's upset that Curtis is being released from the hospital so soon. Curtis is thrilled when Nina shows up. She feels badly that she wasn't in town for the end of his divorce. Curtis says others like Laura and TJ were there for him.

When Stella leaves the room, Curtis admits to Nina that he's getting closer to Portia and tells her about the kiss they shared. Curtis thinks he missed his chance. Nina tells Curtis to tell Portia how he feels.

Carly asks Jason about Britt and admits she saw them holding hands. Brando stops by to apologize to Jason for Gladys' lies. Brando wants a role in the organization now that Cyrus is going to jail. Jason says Brando needs to do what's right for Sasha and the baby.

Carly crows to Jason about her meeting with the Five Families. Jason says he's back and they both need to show the families he's back in charge.

Sasha pays Chase a visit and is surprised to hear that he and Willow are getting married. Sasha questions Willow and asks why she's marrying Chase when she's in love with Michael. Willow says she wants to support Chase's happiness until he dies, and wants Sasha to back her up.

Finn tells Anna that his serum didn't work. Anna says she'll find Peter and force him to give up the antidote. Finn says she'll never find Peter, which confuses Anna.

Finn finds Liz and apologizes for the night before. Finn complains about Peter's death, but Liz tells him that he needs to keep working on the cure.

Anna tells Britt that security is refusing to hand over the footage of the night Maxie was brought in. Britt says Cyrus had security turn off some of the stairwell cameras and now they're covering their butts.

Anna figures that's why there is no record of Peter leaving the hospital that night. Britt says Peter would have been caught on camera once he exited the stairwell. Anna asks about roof access and Britt tells her there are two stairwells that he could have used. Anna figures Peter escaped by the roof.

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Laura checks in on Portia, who says she's fine after the ordeal with Cyrus. Laura asks about her relationship with Curtis, but Portia claims they've decided to remain friends only.

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Jordan gloats that Cyrus is going back to prison, but he reminds her that Gladys and the Corinthi won't make good witnesses in court. Jordan says her testimony is what will count. She says she and Taggert will testify to everything Cyrus has done to them in the past year in exchange for immunity.

Cyrus tells her not to underestimate him as he can still influence things. Jordan says he's going to be transferred to a federal prison in the Midwest, away from his contacts. FBI agents arrive to take Cyrus away.

Cyrus wants a word with Laura before he's taken away. Laura chastises him for the good he could have done with the hospital if he had changed his ways. Laura says they will never be family, but Cyrus knows he got into her head.

Jordan reassures Laura she's nothing like Cyrus and not to let him get to her. Jordan tells Laura she'll be resigning.

Britt calls Jason to let him know that Cyrus is being taken away by the Feds. She says she's no longer his mole, so that if they want to see each other, it will now be because they want to.

Chase takes a turn for the worse and Portia tells him that he's reaching stage three of organ failure. Chase wants to know how much time he has left and Finn tells him to fight to make it through the night. Finn apologizes for not being able to save him, but Chase is grateful for what Finn has been able to do.

As Cyrus is leaving, he runs into Jackie and Finn and makes a dig about Chase's sickness and Finn being lucky to be his father. Finn remembers wondering why the serum didn't work.

Britt apologizes to Liz for snarking at her earlier. She tells Liz that with Cyrus gone, she's putting her back to full time hours. Britt says the hospital is cooperating with Anna's search for Peter. She tells Liz that Anna is trying to figure out how Peter got out of the hospital undetected and is heading to the roof.

Liz remembers how she and Finn got rid of Peter's body. The two took Peter's body up to the roof, to an elevator that only has access to the abandoned underground lab. The two then dumped Peter's body in a freezer in the unused lab.

Anna heads to the roof and looks around and finds the service elevator.

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