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Perkie's Observations: Liz Diverts Anna From Finding Peter on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for June 17, 2021
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Elizabeth Webber, General Hospital

Rebecca Herbst

On today's General Hospital recap: Liz heads to the roof and finds Anna, who's looking for signs that Peter was there. Anna mentions Helena's secret lab beneath the hospital. Liz tries to distract her by talking about Finn and how he's upset over Chase. Liz tells Anna they need to go and support him.

Anna is determined to find out how Peter got out of the hospital. Liz says Peter couldn't have used the elevator since it's out of service. Anna asks if there's another way into the lab, but Liz says it's sealed off.

Liz says she understands Anna's need to find Peter, but is certain he's not in the basement. Liz mentions that Peter was likely airlifted off the roof. Anna calls a contact and tells Liz there was a helicopter with plans to land on the roof that day. Liz figures Peter got on it, but Anna says the helicopter never landed. Anna decides she needs to find out who was piloting that helicopter.

Jordan gives Laura her resignation and asks her to accept it. Laura says Cyrus' organization has been taken apart and he's in prison. She says this is a win, but Jordan says she can't forgive herself for giving Cyrus the opportunity.

Laura says she knows everything Jordan did and doesn't condone it, but understands why she did it. Jordan says she made a deal for immunity and everything she did will come out at his trial. Laura says Jordan had good intentions and the people of Port Charles will empathize with her. Jordan agrees to stay, but only if the town ends up behind her.

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Gregory wonders why Finn is in the lab instead of being at Chases' side. Finn mentions what Cyrus told him and says he thinks Chase is Gregory's son. He says that's why the serum didn't work. Finn says he thinks Cyrus had the DNA test tampered with as retaliation.

Finn sends another DNA test to a personal friend. Gregory tells him to make another serum, now, with his DNA. Finn says he needs to get the results first because if he's wrong it could kill Chase. Gregory insists, so Finn makes the new serum, ready to go, once the DNA results come back.

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Joss complains to Trina about Cameron being a meanie to poor widdle Jason and how he just wouldn't listen to her. Trina's tired of the nonsense and mentions that Cameron will be going to PCU in the fall and they need to fix things before then.

Liesl wants Britt to be on her guard until Peter is found.

Carly questions the sparks she saw between Jason and Britt. He admits to a connection between them since Britt saved his life. Jason gets a call about a missing shipment and heads out.

Carly heads to the hospital to thank Britt for saving Jason's life. Britt figures Carly is there to ask how close she got to Jason. Carly admits she figured something was brewing and says she's worried about Britt. Carly says feelings on the run can be heightened, but now the circumstances have changed because they're no longer on the run.

Britt says Jason has stuck by her and they've been honest with each other. Carly doesn't want Britt disappointed if nothing more happens. Britt says she looks forward to whatever happens next.

Liesl thanks Jason for what he did to help Britt. She wants to know when Jason will get rid of Peter. Jason says he has his people searching. Liesl asks Jason's intentions toward Britt, but he's not talking.

Liesl mentions Britt's disease and says her heart is breaking for her. Liesl says she wants Britt to be safe until the disease takes her. She also wants Jason to eliminate Peter when he finds him. 

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