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Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Dishes The Bold and the Beautiful on Home and Family

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, The Bold and the Beautiful

The Bold and the Beautiful's Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) visited Hallmark's Home and Family to talk all things babies and B&B. The second-time mom is looking fab and reflecting on some of her best work in 2020, both off and on screen.

Jacqui's boys, toddler Rise and baby Lenix, are bonding. She dished:

I was reading to them last night and I was turned over with Lenix, and as Rise was falling asleep, he climbs over me and gives Lenix three little kisses and then goes back. I was like, Who are you?' It’s the sweetest thing.

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While Steffy is expecting her second baby in reel life, too, the Forrester Creations CEO had far from a calm 2020. Last year, she battled a growing addiction to painkillers, a storyline that JMW says really resonated with fans. As a result, viewers of B&B have shared their real-life stories with her. She explained:

I was flooded with all of these messages, and this one woman reached out to me and she said her son—it still gets me emotional, but her son was addicted and that intervention was the same thing with her family  and it touched me in such a way and she said luckily that he is sober now. 

Steffy is engaged again on B&B, but she's tied the knot a handful of times before, always in dramatic fashion. MacInnes Wood membered:

She’s had some wacky weddings. She’s a big personality and it’s not just her walking down the aisle, although think that’s happened maybe once but usually it’s Steffy on a motorcycle. I ride  a motorcycle in real life and they asked, 'Hey, do you want to ride a motorcycle down the aisle?' I said, 'Yeah, okay,' and I remember on the day they were like, 'Here are these high heels; do that, too,' and I was like, 'Okay.'

Watch the whole interview here.