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Jeff Kober Says Playing Cyrus on General Hospital Was a "Treat"

Cyrus Renault, General Hospital

General Hospital's Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) is now headed to prison for his many misdeeds. A nominee for Outstanding Supporting Actor at the 2021 Daytime Emmys, Kober loved playing GH's sinister Cyrus.

He explained to Soap Opera Digest:

It was such a treat for me. You know, this was a three-month job that turned into a year-and-a-half.

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Working on soaps came as a wonderful surprise, he said:

The level of education that I’ve gotten from working on this show and the level of writing, the level of directing, the level of everything that goes into a show like this, and the room that they gave me to just do whatever came out of me — all of that was just eye-opening to me. And I couldn’t be more delighted about it.

Kober added in a message to the fans:

Thank you for hating me in such a lovely fashion! And for watching closely enough that when we found out I had mother issues, it made it harder for you to hate me.