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Whoopi Goldberg And Meghan McCain Spar Over Biden's Exchange With Reporter (WATCH)

Whoopi Goldberg, Meghan McCain, The View

Another day, another dust-up for the ladies of The View. Moderator Whoopi Goldberg and co-host Meghan McCain got into it over President Joe Biden's heated remarks to CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins on Wednesday. 

During Biden's press conference after his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva, he had a heated exchange with Collins when she asked Biden how can be confident he will change his behavior. Biden snapped at Collins and told her “you’re in the wrong business" for her comments and later apologized.

Biden was praised for his apology and Joy BeharGoldberg pointed out former President Donald Trump never apologized but McCain wasn't having it and fired back:  

Just because Trump was so bad, it doesn’t absolve Biden’s bad behavior. What he just did was 100 percent Trumpy. I would just like a little intellectual consistency. If Trump had done that, we would be screaming at the top of our lungs one way or another. I just think that I have heard many people in this town, in D.C., talking that the press is getting sick of this. Of how censored he is, who he can and cannot talk to, and then spouting off to her in a way that I found not only unbecoming and ridiculous, but to do it in a foreign country, it was particularly bizarre.

Goldberg gave her own thought, said she "never saw" Trump apologize during his time in the White House, shared:

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I will take it, because sometimes I’m rude to somebody. We’re all like that.

McCain cut off Goldberg and said “with all due respect, I don’t care if he’s apologizing. He just embarrassed himself.” Goldberg snapped:

I don’t care that you don’t care, just hear what I’m saying!

Things took a downward turn for the two right before they went to commercial. Watch the dust-up below.

After the show came back from commercial, Goldberg and McCain apologized for their face-off.