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California Estate Where Dynasty Filmed Celebrates Soap's Queer Legacy


Dynasty celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2021, and in June, it's celebrating Pride in fine fashion. San Francisco's KQED visited the California estate of Filoli, where a number of the show's early episodes were filmed. As Filoli hosts an exhibit on Dynasty and related shows, scholars and fans shared their thoughts on the primetime soap.

J. Reid Miller, a philosophy scholar who studies queer representation, emphasized Dynasty's importance to LGBTQIA+ viewers, explaining:

The original version of 'Dynasty' was a predominantly gay male phenomenon during the 1980s. With the reboot in 2017, however, I think the entire LGBTQ+ audience rediscovered the original, and have since incorporated it under the umbrella of queer fabulousness.

Attending a Dynasty-themed party at Filoli, fan Joe Olivier added:

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Back in 1981, I was really kind of a young, innocent person. And 'Dynasty' was a great way of getting a sense of my community and my tribe.

Drag performer D'Arcy Drollinger has a character called Diana Midnight, based on Alexis Carrington Colby. Drollinger dished of Dynasty:

Not only was it so pivotal in having a key gay character that had a real arc, but it also took this high camp, this almost drag quality, to a new level on television.

Get a taste of the Dynasty tour of Filoli below.