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Perkie's Observations: Willow Marries Chase as He Fades Away on General Hospital

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Willow Tait, Harrison Chase, Jackie Templeton, General Hospital

Katelyn MacMullen, Josh Swickard, Kim Delaney

Carly interrupts Jason's meeting with Brick to find out about the missing shipment. Brick says it's been located and someone sold them out. Brick says Mr. Novak, head of one of the families, has been trying to poach some of the Corinthi workers.

Carly says she had a meeting with the families and they accepted her. Jason explains that to them, she's an outsider. Brick says the families are waiting for Jason to make a move now that he's back. Brick says things look weak unless Jason is shown to push Carly out.

Maxie checks in with Brook Lynn, who says the baby is doing great. Maxie wants to come and see her. Brook Lynn doesn't think people will understand why Maxie would want to and tells her to stay the course.

Sam tells Maxie about the hidden camera at the cabin and has more questions. Maxie becomes agitated and swears Chloe sent her into labor to take the baby. Sam says the video shows that Chloe was clearly working for Peter, and she didn't want the baby for herself.

Sam thinks the nurse could have met up with Peter and given him the baby. Sam says they may be looking in the wrong place for the baby, but Maxie swears that Peter doesn't have Louise.

Sam doesn't understand Maxie's intensity, but Maxie says the nurse got angry and took the baby. Maxie begs Sam to believe her. Maxie says she wishes she had her baby with her, but Chloe could be halfway around the world by now.

Michael updates Anna and Valentin that Chase has no time left. Anna tells Valentin she thinks she has a lead on Peter. Anna explains to Valentin about the helicopter and now she's looking into it.

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Valentin finds Brook Lynn teary-eyed and offers an ear to hear her out. Brook Lynn talks about Chase and how he became someone she can trust. She's upset that Chase is dying. Brook Lynn brings up Anna, but Valentin says they are only friends and working together to find Peter.

Finn tells Liz about his theory that Cyrus messed with the DNA results. She agrees that it's possible.

Austin returns to the house in Pautuk, much to Dante's annoyance. He wants to volunteer to help find the baby. Dante has suspicions about Austin being involved. Austin points to Dante's map and says he's looking in the wrong area. Austin points to the area where he ran into Maxie and the two head out to check that area.

The two come across the abandoned mine shaft. Dante tells Austin he's going down to see if anyone is at the bottom of the pit. When Dante gets to the bottom, he says he believes he's found the nurse.

Willow tells Sasha that she's nervous about the wedding ceremony, but feels she's doing the right thing. Sasha gives her a blue broach for something old, new, and blue. (Now that Sofia Mattsson has announced on social media that she is, in fact, pregnant, the show is going all out on Sasha looking pregnant.)

Michael checks in with Chase before the ceremony. Chase says he's happy that Michael will be here for Willow once he's gone.

Anna brings Violet to the hospital for the wedding. Gregory gets ordained online in order to perform the ceremony. The ceremony begins in the hospital chapel. The two exchange their vows, but when it comes time to exchange the rings, Chase is too weak to do it. Michael places the ring on Willow's finger. The two are pronounced husband and wife. Eeyore cries in the corner.

Finn gets the DNA results that show Gregory is Chase's father.

Willow and Jackie sit at Chase's bedside as his monitors go off.