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Perkie's Observations: Dante Inches Closer To The Truth on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for June 21, 2021
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Dante Falconeri, General Hospital

Dominic Zamprogna

On today's General Hospital recap: Maxie calls Brook Lynn again to see the baby, but Brook Lynn tells her to hold off a little longer. Dante stops in to update Maxie and let her know the nurse was found dead at the bottom of the shaft.

Dante says there was no sign of Louise and Chloe must have handed her off to someone before she fell. Dante says they found Chloe's phone, which has a record of her calls to Peter. Dante says there was also a call to someone else that night. Maxie remembers calling Brook Lynn from that phone.

Finn and Liz work to revive Chase. Once they get his heart beating, Finn gives him the new serum and waits for him to improve.

Gregory explains to Jackie that he's Chase's father after all and Finn made a new serum based on it. The two are grateful that Finn may be able to save Chase's life.

Finn gets test results that the serum's working and now Chase will live. Liz lets Willow know that Chase is responding to the medication. Anna congratulates Finn and says Peter no longer has any hold on him.

Chase tells Willow he wants to have the wedding ceremony in the rose garden at the mansion. Brook Lynn, Willow, and Michael all look uncomfortable.

Carly and Joss discuss college and living in the dorm. Joss however, would rather live at home. Carly wants Joss to experience all aspects of college life. Joss asks about the business. Carly says Jason is back and he'll deal with things now.

Nikolas notices that Ava's really jumpy and promises to make her feel safe. Avery finds a new bear and Ava is freaked out when she hears the creepy message. They call Dante, who comes to take the bear. Ava believes it was Ryan.

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Carly shows up. She's been briefed by hotel security and tells Dante he has access to all staff and cameras. Nikolas believes if the person was able to get into the room undetected, they won't find them. Nikolas complains about the lack of security, which doesn't sit well with Carly.

Nikolas wants answers from Dante, but he says Ryan is incapacitated, so it's either an ex or a copycat.

Ava tells Carly to take Avery back to the Corinthi compound until this is over. Carly promises to protect Avery.

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Cameron apologizes to Jason for blaming him for Franco's murder. Cameron doesn't understand why Jason didn't tell him the truth. Jason points out that Cameron would have confronted Peter and put himself in danger. Cameron understands that Jason was protecting him and Jason accepts his apology.

Cameron heads over to tell Joss about his apology and asks for her forgiveness. Joss says she already forgave him, but Cameron says she's been avoiding him. Joss is still angry with him and feels that she can't go back to the way things were before.

Jason tells Liz about Cameron's visit. Liz asks for forgiveness for blaming Jason. Jason says he'll find Peter and she won't have to worry about him again. Liz says she has something to tell him about Peter.

Maxie heads to the mansion to see Bailey. Olivia reassures her the wee baby Louise will be back soon. Alone, Maxie talks to the baby and promises to come back for her.

Jackie tells Finn and Gregory that they should be the ones to tell Chase the truth about his paternity. Chase questions Finn about how he managed to save him.

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