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Perkie's Observations: Anna and Valentin Team Up to Find Peter on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for June 22, 2021
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Anna Devane, General Hospital

Finola Hughes, James Patrick Stuart

On today's General Hospital recap: Chase wants answers as to why the second serum worked when the first one didn't. Finn tries to put him off and evades his questions. Finn says Gregory will tell Chase the truth and takes off. Gregory explains to Chase that he is his father after all.

Anna updates Jordan on Chase's recovery. Jordan tells her that Dante found Chloe's body.

Ava's upset with Nikolas after handing Avery to Carly for safekeeping. Nikolas says whoever it is wants to break them up and not to give in. Ava worries about Avery, but Nikolas says she' s not alone now. Nikolas swears he'll do everything to protect them, but Ava says she can't put Avery's safety at stake.

Nikolas doesn't want to let anything come between them and says not to let the stalker win. Ava says she lost Kiki because of something like this and she can't go through it again. Ava tells Nikolas to leave and not come back. Nikolas tries to refuse, but Ava says she'd never survive if something happened to Avery.

Nikolas says they can work together, but Ava says she's putting Avery first and asks him not to fight her. Ava says she'll do everything to be free of him if it means Avery's safe. Nikolas says he won't give up on her as he leaves. (I do NOT like that they are breaking these two up, but I'm going to be stuck watching weeks of The Borington's angst.)

Liz tells Jason not to waste his time looking for Peter. She says Peter won't be an issue and Jason wonders what she's done. Liz refuses to give details, but says Peter is gone for good. Jason offers to handle anything if needed.

Finn overhears a portion of their conversation and wants to know what it was about. Liz says it was about apologizing for accusing Jason. Liz wonders why Finn looks upset and he admits he was getting used to being Chase's father. Liz reminds him that he hasn't lost anything.

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Brook Lynn and Valentin are surprised to find Maxie with the baby. Maxie says she had a present for Louise, then catches herself and corrects it to Bailey.

Brook Lynn takes Maxie aside and berates her. She tells Maxie that to protect the baby, Maxie can't just show up. Maxie says it physically hurts to be away from the baby and wants this to be over.

Brook Lynn says they have to keep protecting the baby and offers to tell Valentin the truth in order to make it happen. Maxie finally accepts they need to stick with the original plan until Peter is caught.

Taggert thanks Curtis for saving Portia and Trina, and helping to put Cyrus back in prison. The two share a toast and are happy to have Cyrus out of their lives. The two discuss Portia and it seems as though Taggert is fishing around about Curtis' involvement with her.

Jason thanks Curtis for helping put Cyrus away. Jason says starting a business is difficult and offers his help if Curtis needs it. Curtis wonders if Jason is offering protection, but he says he's offering friendship.

Jordan checks in with Portia. The two discuss being free of Cyrus' hold and how they can move on. Taggert arrives to take Portia out to dinner to discuss Trina's graduation. Jordan gets a text from Stella about Curtis.

Anna finds Valentin talking to Bailey, promising he'll be a good father to her. Anna tells him the nurse's body was found and she's going after Peter. Valentin thinks he can help her.

Valentin tells Brook Lynn and Maxie that he and Anna are going to Pautuk to follow up on the leads of the dead nurse, Peter, and the baby. (UH OH!!)

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