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Joy Behar Makes "Penetration in The End Zone" Joke About NFL's Carl Nassib

Joy Behar

Joy Behar has landed in hot water after recent remarks she made on The View involving Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Carl Nassib. Nassib came out as being gay, becoming the first active player in the NFL to do so. Nassib made the reveal on Tuesday via Instagram

During a segment on The View that same day, the ladies discussed Nasib's news, with Ana Navarro weighing in and saying his decision to reveal his sexual orientation was “about being seen and accepted."

Behar cracked:

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After they said ‘penetration in the end zone,’ they lost me!

Navarro jokingly put her fingers in her ear while co-hosts Sara Haines groaned and hung her head down and Sunny Hostin shook her head smiling, with Meghan McCain raising an eyebrow at the remark. Later on in the segment, Behar apologized for her comments and stated:

I just long for the day when you can just be gay in the world, and it doesn’t become a big deal. By the way, that inappropriate joke I made for daytime television? Scratch it. Make believe I never said it.

Watch the entire thing below.