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Courtney Hope Talks "Bittersweet" and "Heartbreaking" Bold and Beautiful Exit

Courtney Hope

In 2020, Courtney Hope brought Sally Spectra to The Young and the Restless from The Bold and the Beautiful. On the Daytime Emmys red carpet, the actress shared her thoughts on the redheaded fashionista departing Los Angeles.

Hope shared:

It was bittersweet, knowing that I was leaving. I I didn't really tell anyone, so no one really knew. Darin [BrooksWyatt] and like one or two other people knew, but nobody else did because I didn’t want to make it about that. 

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She added:

The story and what Sally was going through was my first and foremost focus and that’s what I really wanted it to be about, especially in my work. So it was heartbreaking, knowing what I was going through.

Hope added that she chose to focus not on her heartbreak about leaving B&B, instead focusing on Sally's heartbreak at losing Wyatt.

Watch La Spectra open up below.