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Perkie's Observations: Carly's Turf Is Targeted By Rivals on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for June 24, 2021
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Carly Corinthos, General Hospital

Laura Wright

On today's General Hospital recap: Judge Carson runs into Molly. They make small talk about Molly graduating and doing some work in the DA's office. The judge offers her help with Molly's bar exam if needed. After the judge leaves, Molly finds it a little weird that she was so friendly.

Alexis is concerned the judge might retaliate if they let it be known they're looking into her case files. Alexis wants only Molly to know what they've discovered. Shawn wants her to drop the whole thing. He doesn't want to bring unwanted attention to TJ or himself.

Alexis pushes, but Shawn accuses her of having a savior complex. Alexis says she just wants to help him as a lawyer, but Shawn reminds her she's an inmate. Alexis apologizes for pushing the issue with him. A guard arrives and tells them that Shawn's library privileges were revoked and he won't be seeing Alexis anymore. A kerfuffle ensues when Alexis steps in and Alexis is tossed in solitary.

Finn explains the toxin may have caused some nerve damage, so Chase is now unable to move his legs. Willow asks if Chase is paralyzed. Chase says the damage should repair itself over time, but he needs to relearn how to walk in the next few months.

Chase promises he'll walk again, for Willow. Willow tells him not to push too hard too soon. Chase says he wants to walk in time for their marriage in the rose garden.

Britt gets the message that Carly wants to speak with Jason alone and heads out. Carly wants to know what's happening with them, but Jason says it isn't Carly's business. Carly disagrees, saying what affects Jason right now, also affects her.

Carly says they have to prevent a united front and she's concerned at his connection with Britt. Jason admits that Britt is important to him, but refuses to give any more details. Carly pushes, but Jason says nothing will change between them and they're a team.

Jason says he doesn't know where things are going with Britt, but that Carly needs to accept that it's something. He promises to honor his commitment to Carly. Jason says she's been there for him from the moment they met and they'll deal with everything together.

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Michael comes across Nina at Nelle's grave. Nina thanks Michael for the visit with Wiley and wonders what Jax did to push him. Michael says he and Willow trust that Nina will follow the rules with Wiley.

Michael reminds Nina not to put her feelings for Nelle on Wiley. Nina asks them not speak badly of Nelle to Wiley. Michael says Kevin gave them a referral to a child psychologist to help them discuss Nelle with Wiley.

Alone, Nina talks to Nelle's grave and worries she'll lose Wiley if Michael finds out she knew Sonny was alive. Nina feels Sonny is happy in the life he now has.

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Willow tells Michael about Chase's legs and how she can't tell him the truth about her feelings. (Good lord, this thing is never ending! "Michael, Chase lost a sock in the dryer, I can't tell him the truth. Michael, Chase's favorite shampoo was discontinued, I can't tell him the truth." GUH!)

Liz congratulates Terry on potentially becoming Chief of Oncology, but she's worried about the future of the hospital. When Finn shows up and things get a little awkward with Liz, Terry wonders what that's all about. Liz says things got intense while working on Chase's case, but they ended up making a good team.

Portia checks with Laura to see who the board will announce as Cyrus' replacement as chairman. Laura's not forthcoming, but one of the board member announces Monica as the new Chairperson of the Board.

Everyone congratulates her, and Monica announces that Bobbie and Epiphany will return to their positions. Britt worries about her position as Chief of Staff, but Monica says she hasn't made a decision yet. Terry says she'd like to fight for the position as well.

A warehouse on the waterfront explodes. Jason tells Carly that someone is making a move against them. 

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