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Perkie's Observations: Liz and Carly Find Common Ground on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for June 23, 2021
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Elizabeth Webber, Carly Corinthos, General Hospital

Laura Wright, Rebecca Herbst

On today's General Hospital recap: Carly visits Sonny's grave and is interrupted by Liz, who apologizes for blaming Jason for Franco's death. Liz says she should have known Jason wouldn't have done it. Liz says she was angry with Jason for not liking Franco and it caused a rift with her boys.

Carly reassures Liz that her family will heal. Liz admits she hated Carly and Jason's relationship, but now understands how the two have a strong bond. Carly says she knows Liz was coming from a point of grief and understands it. The two sit and talk about life without their husbands.

Molly tells TJ she sent the paperwork to Pentonville that Alexis requested.

Brando tells Sasha that Gladys will be staying in town to help with the baby. The two run into TJ and Molly, and Brando announces their pregnancy.

Alone again, Molly worries that TJ is still upset about her one night with Brando, but he promises they're all good (Had totally forgotten about that one night, so I was very confused by these scenes at first.)

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Shawn wonders what Alexis needs with the old records and she says it could help with getting Shawn out. Alexis explains how she's looking at Judge Carson's rulings at the time of Shawn's trial to see the different outcomes. The two find a pattern that shows the judge is harsher on defendants of color and Shawn wonders who they can tell about this.

Brook Lynn points out to Millow that Chase's recovery means they can drop the charade, but wonders why they don't look happy about it. Michael feels it's too soon, but Brook Lynn disagrees and tells them to end this sooner rather than later.

Michael tells Willow he can't tell her what to do, but he'll wait until she's ready to talk to Chase. Willow says she's scared of hurting Chase.

Chase shows Jackie and Finn he has the feeling back in his hands. He says he'll be able to put the ring on Willow's finger at their wedding. Jackie apologizes to the boys. She blames herself for not telling the truth sooner and allowing Cyrus to mess with the DNA results. Finn and Chase reassure her not to feel guilty anymore.

Chase mentions that he's still having issues with his legs. Finn checks and gets no response from the test on Chase's feet. Willow arrives to talk to Chase only to find out that he can't walk.

Jason finds Britt boxing in the gym and gives her a lesson. Jason mentions that she seems lighter than she's been. Britt admits that despite her diagnosis, her relationship with Liesl has improved and she's enjoying her career. The two get flirty, flirty, and go in for a kiss, but are interrupted by Carly, who wants to discuss the Novak situation with Jason. 

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