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Perkie's Observations: Jason Is Ready to Push Back Against the Families on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for June 28, 2021
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Jason Morgan, General Hospital

Steve Burton

On today's General Hospital recap: Jason updates Carly on the damage to their warehouse. Brick confirms it was Novak and says they are running out of time to push back. Jason says he needs to send Novak a message.

Brick says as the head of the family now, Jason can't get his hands dirty. Carly's worried Jason will fail and doesn't want to risk it. Brick says they need to show the competition that one of them is the head of the family and the other one is out. Jason says they look weak. He says he needs to push back on the Novak family to show the other families that he's in charge.

Nina runs into Ava and explains she's allowed to visit with Wiley. Nina says she doesn't know where she belongs anymore.

Sasha has a doctor's appointment and Brando is upset she didn't tell him about it. Sasha promises to keep him in the loop from now on. Sasha says she needs to tell Nina about the pregnancy. She doesn't want Nina to find out from someone else and be hurt by the news.

Gladys shows up, and she and Sasha get a little snarky with each other. When Brando walks away, Gladys confronts Sasha and asks what kind of game she's playing. Sasha tells her to back off. Gladys warns Brando.

Anna and Valentin are in Pautuk and with Austin's help, are going over what happened to Chloe. Anna goes through what they think happened, but feels something's off.

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Laura and Maxie discuss the case and the baby's kidnapping. Maxie blames herself for letting Peter into her life. Laura reassures Maxie, and promises to be there for her if needed.

Laura is surprised when she finds out from Scotty that Ava is divorcing Nikolas. Laura wonders what happened and Ava says she's protecting Avery. Laura understands, but wishes there was another way.

Laura talks to Nikolas and tells him that Ava doesn't want to leave him, but she's traumatized. Laura doesn't believe it's Ryan, but a copycat, and worries about what they're capable of. Nikolas admits the divorce will give Ava peace of mind, but he's going to try and stop it. Nikolas says he's going to lay a trap to catch the stalker.

Nina offers Maxie to sit in on the Deception meeting with Lucy. Lucy doesn't want Maxie at the meeting. Sasha shows up, surprising Maxie and Nina with her baby belly.

Austin meets with Scotty and asks for information on Jason.

Ava stops over to pick up Avery and tells Carly that she and Nikolas are breaking up. Jason overhears, so Ava explains what's happening with the stalking and threats. Jason offers his help, but Ava says she's dealing with it.

Carly offers her sympathies about the stalking. Ava says she's divorcing Nikolas despite their love and talks about how marriages should just be about two people going up against the world together. Carly and Jason get an idea. 

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